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"Take the Red Pill "

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I am a graduate of Nick Sparks’ weekend live coaching program. And it works. Trust me, I’m living proof of that. But it will only work if you do what Nick says. Not just for the weekend, but every day. Like, for the rest of your life. It is a commitment, and for at least a little while, it isn’t easy. But it’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

If there’s one thing I know for certain after working with Nick, it’s that most dating advice (or “how-to-finally-get-laid” advice) puts the cart before the horse. They might teach you words to say, words not to say, behaviors to adopt, counter-intuitive insights into the opposite sex, and all kinds of things that may make you marginally better with women and help you to not be a completely clueless pushover, but still don’t get to the true heart of the matter, the most important elements you need to cultivate in yourself. It’s still building a house on a foundation of sand.

Nick will give you the solid, cement foundation you need on which to build everything else. He will teach you how to change your state of being. And from that, everything else you want will follow. But again, you HAVE to do what he says.

When I came to Nick, I was recently divorced and having a very hard time connecting with women. I had literally gone on over ten first dates, and never got a second. Not once. The dates were all quite pleasant, with conversation flowing freely and both of us enjoying each other’s company. I even made out with some of them at the end of the date. But while they all liked me as a person, all of them—unanimously—only wanted to see me again in a platonic way. I didn’t know what was going on or what I was doing incorrectly. I truly believed that something must be fundamentally wrong with me, and I had no idea what it was.

When I talked to Nick on the phone, he assured me I was not alone, I was in good hands, he knew exactly what was going on and how to fix it, and that after returning home from his workshop, I would be a “Tinder Terror.” I would be unstoppable. It sounded too good to be true.

My biggest fear was spending the money, taking the workshop, getting all my hopes up, then returning home, going on another bunch of first dates, and having the same thing happen. I would have to resign myself to being that same lonely, frustrated guy forever. The fear of feeling that hopelessness was very real. But somehow, there was something about Nick that I just trusted. I’m very much a realist—I always think “snake oil” when I see ads that say things like “Say these five words to make any woman do whatever you want!” Most of that stuff is clearly created by douchebags for douchebags (just try being married, guys!). It’s pretty much the same game as faith healers. The reason they’re so successful is because their target customers are in a very emotionally vulnerable place and desperate for a solution.
The cynical part of me said that Nick was probably just another one of these repackaged faith healers. But watching Nick’s videos, there was just something about him that was so insightful and down-to-earth. His revelations about sexual chemistry were like nothing I’d ever heard before, and it was clearly based in sincere curiosity and fascination. He didn’t see women as opponents that you needed to out-think and out-maneuver until you got what you wanted from them. I thought, here was a guy who lived on planet earth and genuinely wanted to help people connect and find happiness, not demean women and sell snake oil. So, I took a shot and signed up for the course. It was the best decision I ever made (or maybe the second-best, behind getting divorced :) ).

I won’t go into what Nick teaches you over the weekend (it’s his bread and butter after all), but I guarantee you, if you’re reading this, there are mental habits and processes—neural pathways that your thoughts go through—that you don’t even know exist. These pathways sabotage your interactions with yourself and the opposite sex, and cause you to involuntarily think thoughts and feel feelings that are counter-productive to connecting with others and creating sexual chemistry. But right now, you don’t know what they are. And it’s not your fault that these pathways are there. Believe me, that was one of my biggest sticking points. I’m always the first one to declare that you’re responsible for your actions, not your parents or your peers or society, etc. But as you’ll learn if you work with Nick, these pathways have been constructed without your knowledge or permission since you were in diapers. But you can change them. You can re-route them, the same way you can lose weight or build muscle or learn a martial art or learn to play a musical instrument. You can cultivate a new state of mind, free of the fear and insecurity that’s held you back your whole life. If, and only if, you DO WHAT NICK SAYS.

I soon went on my first date since attending Nick’s workshop. I was sleeping with her two days later. Then I went on another date with another woman. And another. And another. I’m now seeing multiple women at once (which brings on a whole new set of problems in your life, but definitely better problems to have!). I’m seeing the entire world anew, in a way I can’t explain here because it’s something you have to experience to truly understand. But I can tell you that in my social interactions, I don’t worry about what to say or do, I don’t worry about what I just said or did, and I enjoy the moment, whatever it may be. And all I’m doing is what Nick taught me.

Go take the course. Do whatever Nick says. Ask all the questions you need to. He’ll answer them. On the last day, Nick will give you a game plan, written down, to follow when you get home. Read this every day. Put it on your phone. Read it in the can. In every interaction you have with every person you encounter, male and female, practice the things Nick teaches. Keep reading Nick’s book. Read at least a chapter before going to sleep at night. When you finish the book, go right back to page one and re-read it. It’s a very quick and easy read. Do this until you get to where you want to be (and don’t forget the articles on his site. Keep reading those too. That’s great stuff as well). It WILL happen for you. Trust me.
You may have to face some hard, painful truths about yourself along the way. I know I did. You will probably screw up along the way. You might be embarrassed. You might be kicking yourself. You’ll probably question yourself a lot and wonder if you’re doing anything right at all. You might get THIS close to success and then make one wrong move see it all crumble away. That’s a really shitty feeling, believe me. But you have to keep going. This stuff runs deep. Clearing it out isn’t easy. But only you can do it. It’s like being in a jungle of weeds and thorns and brush with no path to walk. Nick will give you the machete. But you have to forge your way through. Most people won’t even consider beginning a journey like this, because of what they’re afraid they’ll find and the emotions they’ll have to feel. But if you’re reading this, you’re at least considering it, so hats off to you! As someone who persevered and came out the other end, believe me when I say it’s worth it.

I want every man on earth to get to where I am right now. I wish that the things Nick teaches were taught in public schools. I can’t begin to imagine how much happier so many people could be. But since our culture isn’t ready for that, you have to go learn from the man himself. So please, for your own sake, and for the sake of all the people in your life, the ones you know and the ones you’ll meet in the future, go take Nick’s course. And DO. WHAT. THE. F*&#. NICK. SAYS! You’re welcome. :)
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