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I've followed Nick's work for a while, and just reading his book a few times was a game changer for me. When the opportunity to do the workshop presented itself, I leapt on it.

The best and worst dating advice ever received is 'just be yourself' - because it is the most important and also the hardest for most of us to understand. What Nick does, in a nutshell, is teach you how to be totally cool just being yourself. I can't tell you how refreshing it is after years of being peppered with pathetic openers, lines, routines, and whatever else - to just know that actually the sexiest most attractive thing about me is me.

I can't quite put into words what a gift it is not having to think about something clever to say, to just connect to people I feel inspired to connect to, and to know that in seconds of meeting someone I can form a deeper bond than most people can form after weeks and months. Yeah, it's about learning how to connect to women - but truthfully I don't even have time to follow up with all the amazing women I've connected to in the weeks following the program. Dates in multiple cities with gorgeous girls from multiple countries that are doing inspiring things with their lives, well that's just kind of my reality now.

It's also been a game changer in work - I am absolutely crushing it in my career and social life too. Human connectivity is what it is all about. All at the same time, Nick teaches you how to be totally fearless and also so self-accepting that you can just roll with whatever life throws you.

And the best part - its all experiential. I have three sentences jotted down from the weekend in case I need a reminder, but the whole thing is built so that you leave transformed, not needing to review endless notes and study. Do it man!
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