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Nick is a highly charismatic and inspirational man. I flew half way around the world to attend his course. He has a way of identifying people's strengths, helping to capitalise on them, while dispelling insecurities and self doubt. When Nick talks to you, you feel good about yourself.

It's not so much what happens at night while you're there, but what you take away from the daytime sessions that is so important. There are no pickup lines, routines or gimmicks. Instead, there is a focus on inner re-wiring of your brain. Achieving a self-belief, an anchor, an honesty that transcends what words you actually say.

The day sessions were deeply moving. Nick's female assistants are exceptional. Dynamite to interact with, yet compassionate to the core.

There was a one to one ratio of staff to participants - very impressive.

Our group of five participants were so moved by the course and the connection to everyone and each other, that we started a whatsapp group to stay in touch and enjoy each other's progress as we move on in life.

As for me? I found a lot of people in the evenings who were not in the right place to interact with me. But I also found a girl who was. I went on a date with her in the few hours I had spare between our final session with Nick and my fight home. She wants me to come back to Austin...

Does that sound like a positive review? ;-)

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