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10 Weeks To Freedom
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"10 Weeks To A Lifetime of Freedom"

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The 10 Weeks To Freedom (10WTF) Program ran by David Tian and Aura Dating that started in the first week of April 2017 was the first time that I've invested over $1000 in one specific online program, after being a follower in this particular area of study for 15 years. All I have to say is, the program paid for itself starting from Week One, when David introduced to us the habit of meditation, emphasizing its importance in helping us get to a higher level of focus and presence.

I've been married (as of this review) for 7 years, and the reason why I decided to join this program was because my wife and I have been going through relationship issues the past year, centered around our decision (or my lack of decision) to have a child. My primary goal was to get myself to a mental state where I'm fully committed to our having a child, because for me, the decision to have a child carries with it a slew of responsibility which I will need to execute personally, one year before the child is even born.

10WTF helped me get to this mental state, and then some.

With David's challenge during Week Three for us to look for and sign up for a physical competition event, I signed up for the famous Spartan Sprint event held in Beijing in June of 2017, a 4.5-mile obstacle course that we ran right after torrid rains (and therefore super muddy). It was the most challenging physically, but the most exhilarating event that I've ever been a part of, it was a beautiful experience that inspired me to immediately sign up for the next one in Sept 2017 and to challenge myself even further.

At the same time of going through the program, I produced my own 90-day pilot program to take a group of students to develop their self-discipline, and I've just started my second group of students on the journey to gain control over their lives.

Life has never been better.

Hsu Li
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