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"This Is A New Level Of Interacting With Women And Life"

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Nick Sparks is the real deal. You've heard about him from YouTube videos, and The Social Man products, and read his book. I can tell you that I was very curious how it would be actually going to a workshop...whether it would truly truly be worth it.

Well, I found out Nick is completely genuine and completely congruent with what he teaches. He is completely into making sure you reach your goals and realize/see your potential at play. Realize how you're really at levels way higher than you think, if only you stop doing the wrong things, and practice to maintain the right mindset.

By mindset, I don't mean some logical one you can just repeat to yourself. I mean being in your body and completely connected with others and with your feelings. Throughout the program, I would start going in my head again and worrying about what was going to come next. He would pull me aside and connect with me and take me back to the place I needed to be.

And let me tell you, when I was connected like that, things I said would just hit. In a way I was NOT used!

Also, a note on the women he brought in to practice with us. These were not come random girls there to act nice to us, get validated, and make some quick cash. These were extremely genuine, attractive, high-quality women that were also there with only the one goal of helping the men in the group become better. They gave honest feedback and the practice learning to connect with them in the moment was absolutely priceless.

This was not practicing techniques. This was practicing finding the place where if you're coming from there, you're acting as your true confident self. It's like I'm communicating with attractive women the way I always imagined it was like prior to going to college and being slapped with the reality that women would not respond to me like I thought they would. That's were all these bad patterns started and it's really fucking hard to let go. But it feels so right when you do.

My mind was continuously blown as I got good responses from women I was not used to getting them from, from "cold approaching". I told him one of the days, that I keep having all these ideas of what is possible and not and he just keeps shattering them for me.

I'm writing this review because I truly want other guys to experience the same. I wish there were more Nick Sparks clones to go around so he could help everyone.

Also, note: I waited about 7 months after the workshop to write this review. I always doubt testimonials/reviews given immediately after a workshop. It's often just seminar high. But I still believe every word I believed then. And he gives you packets to write things out in, so that days/weeks/months/years from now you can come back to those same realizations/feelings/breakthroughs you had during the workshop if for some reason life got the best of you and you weren't able to upkeep the mindsets. This was extremely helpful for me.

I don't know if this thing will let me receive emails, but I'd be happy to reply to any questions. This is my way of showing gratitude. And there was no compensation whatsoever for this.

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