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I attended Nick Sparks’ Live Training in Austin on Feb 4-7, 2016 and it was an excellent experience based on lessons from Sparks’ book. To anyone who experiences self-sabotage and needs a hand, this Live Training event is a life changer. The principles in the book are translated into experience through drills done with Sparks and his assistants as well as through coaching and observing Sparks in the field. We were all screened beforehand to ensure we’d be a good fit for the class and I am grateful for that because the two guys in the class with me are stand-up men from whom I learned a great deal while watching them and listening to their questions. Guys I will call friends for life. I know the paths we’re all on now are much brighter thanks to the fundamentals and philosophy drilled home by Sparks. If you are like me, you probably found his book enlightening. Putting those lessons into practice with Sparks’ live coaching shows how simple, yet challenging it is to become your most authentic self. Austin is a fantastic venue and the lessons learned in the Live Training are applicable to all areas of life – work, friends, family and especially meeting women. If you come in with an open mind and a willingness to go deep, you will come out the other side a better man. 10 out of 10. Great job and Thank you, Nick Sparks!
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