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"Royal Command Workshop-Tyler, Papa, and Orion-August 2003 Montreal"

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To reflect on this workshop almost 12 years later is a delight in its own way. The theory portion of the workshop was conducted at Concordia University. We would use which ever classroom was available for Owen to present his theory. Back then…Owen is busting out his fresh Pimp the Clown t-shirt.
In attendance and participating in the workshop were Toecutter, Marco NYC, Montreal PUA, Cliff of Cliffs List, Stephan Hemon before ideagasms and Ghita, and even a few dudes from the California and West coast scene.

The program probably cost no more than $600 bucks the most and we would spend roughly 12 hours together each day. There was theory from 2pm-8pm and then from 9pm onward hardcore street and lounge approaching until 2 am.

It was a Brazilian Street festival weekend, and Montreal was just beautiful.
Ben Orion back then was a highlight from the Speed Seduction community, so making the alliance for Owen and Nick was good for an audience draw. Even Nick was infield back then conducting instruction.
It was a very intense and tiring experience. Owen demonstrated a hard work ethic in his style even back then. This was roughly 6 months to 1 year before they launched into RSD and even before Project Hollywood. They were testing the waters with their ideas. In many ways it was a hybrid version of the Mystery Method and even it was approved by Mystery.

Highlights and Learning Concepts
• Field is KING ( a concept which Owen and now Julian certainly repeats)
• Fashion and manipulating fashion to create attraction
• Push/Pull forms of attraction
• Various routines
• Understanding Isolation, Escalation, Bouncing from venue to venue, etc

I am not here to discuss to personalities of Owen or Nick. They were young, hungry, and willing to do whatever it took to create their business.

This comment can be made towards anybody who either teaches or studies material in this community. A certain level of narcissism will either gravitate anyone towards these teachings, attract the consumer to the marketing, and even be displayed in teachers in search of power. I am equally guilty towards the narcissistic hamster wheel of the early days as well. And, at many times…I am grateful for the time I had before the commercialism kicked in.

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