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"RSD (Real Social Dynamics) Ozzie Bootcamp Review. Not worth it."

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June 06, 2014
I'll start by giving you my background. I am 21, I'd say average looking, still a virgin, with no options in the near future of getting a girlfriend via social circle as all my friends are male. So I pretty much have no choice but to step into the world of cold approach pick up if I don't want to die a virgin. So I researched almost everything on PUA, watched almost every RSD video and just took the plunge and signed up for a live bootcamp. As expensive as it is, I thought the ability to get laid/a girlfriend whenever I wanted was priceless. I've never done a cold approach before so I thought this would cut the learning curve.

So when I turn up, I am the only student there which Ozzie told me happens roughly once a month which instantly surprised me as I thought there was a massive demand for instructors. Secondly he didn't know my name/age despite telling the RSD staff over the internet 3 times before and the fact I was his only student that weekend and he didn't even look at what my name is was slightly offensive. I arrive at 7pm in the hotel lobby and we talk a bit about not very much and he kept taking breaks every so often to talk about other things non-PU related which annoyed me as I wasn't there/ didn't pay to talk about sports with him.
At 11pm we go to where the nightlife is and we do some social pressure exercises. One involved standing with my legs far apart and my arms in the air far apart like a starfish in the middle of a big crowd of people and had to hold it for two minutes. Doing that then involved a lot of strangers running up trying to wedgy me, one girl went to kick my balls and others asked me what I was doing. Another involved exaggeratedly humping a lamp post for two minutes, and as you would guess similar things happened again. It wasn't pleasant and didn't really expand my comfort zone as it just felt stupid to me. Once that was over I then did some street approaches with the opener 'Is Leicester Square a real square?' as the aim was if you have a bad opener and make it work you learn more. But I didn't really know what to do after the opener. Most responses were either: 'Yes', 'I don't know' or 'Why are you asking?'. Which with any of those responses what do you say? Because I really don't care about Leicester Square I want to flirt/pick them up. So I had to survive 2 minutes which basically ended up with me making up stories about how I was trying to meet a friend there and ended up asking for directions. That was the best case scenario. Worst case they didn't even stop and just carried on walking and ignored me. There was also a lot of waiting in between sets in order to increase my anxiety so when I approached I was theoretically increasing my comfort zone.

When we went into the club my opener was equally as bad. 'Is this the best club in London'. Which again gave me the same 3 similar responses and being a local asking someone who actually isn't from London confused a lot of girls and again made me start lying about only just starting to go to nightclubs, when in fact I have been going since I was 18 just never done any cold approaching. Ozzie's advice was just 'smile more' and 'get closer'. But the interactions were always platonic and where going nowhere as I wasn't flirting. Worst cases I got were girls instantly getting dragged off the bar/toilet by their friends, laughing at me as soon as I opened them and instantly dismissals such as them saying 'ask the bouncer' and there was nothing I could really say to that other than being honest and saying I was trying to hit on them which 1, they were pretty hostile in trying to get me to go away I very much doubt the conversation would have continued 2, i wasn't confident enough to do it/pull it off and 3, it defeats the point in the open Ozzie gave me. If i did that, why not just open that way? Best case scenarios were the girls recommending places that I should go and me talking to them about favourite venues and places to go. Again not really flirting or getting attraction from them. I find it funny how hard it was to survive 2 minutes in conversation in the nightclub and the girls i did survive 2 minutes with I feel like it was mainly because they were just nicer/politer people rather than me doing anything differently. Although I did see an improvement when I increased my energy levels and tried to come across more friendly.

Ozzie said 90% of PU is fear and the other 10% is the how to. Which I do agree with to some extent. So he said when you feel fear don't fight it accept it, embrace it and go with it. But when I wasn't smiling enough due to being fearful and anxious he told me to fake it, which kind of contradicts the whole 'don't fight the fear' advice as I am trying the repress the symptoms. He calls it Fear Technology and to expand the comfort zone you must not fight the fear but go straight into it and hold the pressure. So he sent me into a lot of 'high intensity' sets, which basically means any set which looks impossible or would cause a lot of anxiety. Such as one girl surrounded by 5 meatheads with one hand on the back of my head and the other on my crotch with the same terrible opener 'Is this the best club in London?' So when I do that I again find it very hard to survive 2 minutes to even expand the comfort zone due to the girl walking away thinking 'WTF is this?' or them asking me what I was doing, which I didn't really have an answer for apart from honesty and when I told some that I was trying to expand the comfort zone some where offended in the same way some people are when they find out they were mislead into taking part in some psychology experiment and the other girls gave me sympathy which isn't something you want from a girl you're trying to attract/have sex with/date, as you need their respect not pity. Doing things like this I personally feel doesn't increase my comfort zone but makes my approach anxiety worse as I now have more negative references as to what happens when I try and cold approach. So I don't feel it was that helpful to me. Also how many people are really going to put themselves in really anxiety inducing stressful situations out of choice when they're on their own for the hope that it will one day lead to getting a girlfriend? It's unheard of, unrealistic to me and just won't happen. I want it to be fun and fear technology is not fun. It is a pretty universal principal in the PUA community that you should be having fun when doing it so you can continue as even when you're failing you're having fun and it gives the girl a good emotional state transfer. Doing this feels like a chore and emotional torture, so when you're failing I can see a very high giving up rate.
Outside the club was the same sort of thing but with the opener 'What is the best after hours place' Again basically asking for directions.

The second night we went out was more of the same social pressure drills, street openers, club openers etc. But he tried to introduce physical game to me. For someone who this was basically his first time talking to girls who were strangers the idea of touching them was a lot for me. I did a few arm around the shoulder while I was talking to them, but it made me very anxious so I didn't get very far with that.
The daygame session was similar. Opening with the Leicester Square opener. More asking for directions again and doing the same social pressure drills, but in the day people just look at you weirdly and don't really say anything. Not really much more to say about the day, other than I got really bored doing it and I doubt I'll ever bother with daygame again. What I found hardest was that it felt like street harassment like many women complain about, so I really struggled with it.

The example approaches Ozzie did seemed to all go the same with after the opener every girl asking what his accent was and then asking him where he was from as he is foreign. Which doesn't really help me improve my conversational skills as I am local and don't have that. Thinking back the longest conversations I got into where when speaking to someone foreign and asking them about where they live haha, a conversation I'm sure they've had 1000 times before though, so not really making me stand out.

Afterwards I had a conversation with Ozzie about future plans etc. But he wrote some plans on the back of his hotel receipt not even bothering to get a clean piece of paper. He also shown me some pick up videos on his laptop which he didn't close the TV show he as watching before and his laptop then ran out of battery mid video. Throughout every approach I did I noticed Ozzie wasn't close enough to me to hear what I was saying and at some points, especially in daygame he was actually looking the other way. I got the impression he really couldn't be bothered with me or teaching pick up anymore. Out of all the instructors he uploads the least videos to Youtube. He didn't teach me how to flirt or gain attraction, I didn't even get a single phone number. This 'natural game' feels like a scam, it's basically telling me to teach myself, so why did I need to pay for an instructor? Ozzie then told me he follows up with all his students via email to answer questions and see how they are getting on. I sent him an email and I get no response so I resend it and still get no response, It's now been over 6 months since the bootcamp and he hasn't responded or contacted me so I take it that was a lie and further adds to my belief he really doesn't care about his students/pick up.

I wanted to learn how to flirt and chat up women as I have no idea really what to do. Not ask for directions and be put in really embarrassing situations. I get I have low self-esteem issues and I'm not very good socially. I am a fan of RSD (not so much Ozzie) and will continue to try and make something happen for me. All this bootcamp really did was force me into set. Overall I would say paying $2,000 + whatever price for a hotel isn't worth it. Maybe if it was with a different instructor and you are better socially than I am and have some experience with cold approach pick up maybe you'd get better results and It may possibly be worth it. Given that there isn't very many success stories on the RSD Nation website I'd even question going on a bootcamp then. I think you're better just getting a wing and him force you into set and constructively criticise what you're doing and save the money.
So that was my experience I thought I'd share with you to vent/give you some insight to what bootcamp may be like.
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