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"RSD Alexander Bootcamp Rip-Off"

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Alexander (RSD)
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June 13, 2013
Alex Treasure RSD Rip Off

I attended an RSD bootcamp on June 2013, in Sydney, taken by Alex Treasure of RSD. To cut to the chase, I basically paid 2000 USDs for Alexander to come to Sydney for a holiday. His instruction and teaching whilst out was non-existent, and his attitude is characterised by arrogance and a sense of indifference. Throughout the bootcamp, the students had to go out of their way to find him whilst he was hitting on girls at the club, his argument was that he was "demonstrating" for students his "scientific method" for attracting women, which was kind of funny, since most of the time he was nowhere near the students, nor did anyone ask him to "demonstrate". Anyway, Alex Treasure is just some manipulative ego-maniac who lives in the sheltered world of pick-up, surrounded by "Yes men" RSD fan boys.

What surprises me is how Alex, purports to have discovered the "Scientific method" for attracting women based on his education in psychology, when in-fact he didn't complete his studies and dropped out of uninversity.

I also attended an Alex in-field footage Hotseat, which basically consists of Alex buying girls drinks, until one of them is either drunk or dumb enough to go "home" with him.

What never ceases to amaze me about RSD, is how they have created a cult-like worship of their ideologies, and drones upon drones of RSD fan boys who accept whatever is said by RSD instructors like mindless zombies.

What most of men in the community have been taken in by, is the idea that attracting women is a "skill-set", where your appearance, success and financial security has absolutely no influence on a women's level of attraction towards a man. RSD fan boys live and hope that someday they'll develop the "skill-set" where they can "pick-up" any hot girl walkig down the street, regardless of their life situation. As a man I can see the appeal of this belief; but also just how ridiculous it is as well.

RSD insinuates that women have an "On switch", and if your "skill-set" is good enough, then you can attract any women you want, even if you're short, fat and socially inept. Instead of saying something along the lines of "Practice talking with women more, and be more sociable" which will inevitably lead to better results; RSD replaces commonsense with psycho-babble and new age spiritualism, maintaining success with women derives from "being in state", "being non-reactive" etc., and other pseudo-pop-spiritualism expressions. What most of their fans refuse to believe is that women have autonomy, and are capable of thinking for themselves, and the idea of "game being a skill-set" is a marketing gimmick perpetraited by RSD in order to sell their bootcamps, DVDs and various other programs.

I posted a negative review about my bootcamp experience on the forum not long after June 2013, that was subsequently deleted by RSD.

I suggest people steer clear of RSD bootcamps, especially the ones' taken by Alex Treasure, he simply doesn't give a crap, and prefers to pick fights with his meat-head friend Sean. It'll be interesting to see what would happen him Alex and his mate Sean picked on guys who knew how to fight back!

The truth is that most people who take bootcamps with Alexander them lack assertiveness, allowing him to utilize his pseduo-logic to manipulate people. I will be posting more about RSD and Alexander in the future, and also screen shots of my review that got deleted from their website.

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