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Nick Sparks
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April 17, 2014
On Thursday night Nick asked us what we wanted to get out of the weekend, I answered something along the lines of "learning how to talk to girls and have fun". And Nick wasn't fully satisfied with that answer and asked me to think some more on it. Deep down I did have a sense of what I truly wanted but I was unsure of how to vocalize it. But even that was far exceeded by my experience. I was aware that I had some of the skills and knowledge that would be required to do this, just no real idea how to apply them. Not only did I learn to apply them, I learned I already knew more than I thought I did. And anything I did not know or struggled with was met with such great advice and support, from the coaches and other guys alike, it turned the previously insurmountable to the insignificant.

Before the weekend I had never hit on a girl, I was too afraid of saying the wrong thing or getting a negative reaction. Knowing that it would turn the rest of my night to shit because I would over analyze the whole thing and take it all personally. Nick and the other coaches helped me to diffuse this method of thinking by showing me what I already knew how to do, and filling in the few gaps in knowledge that I did have(You know more than you think you do I promise you this). If you trust in what these coaches tell you you will succeed. They won't teach you what words to say, they will teach you how to have a conversation, how to find a real connection. They show you how to be you right away not after knowing someone for some time, which is scary but so rewarding. They will show you how to show intent with the girls that you truly are interested in. How to recognize when a girl is into you, some things that I though were indicators of disinterest turned out to be the reverse. And one of the most important things I learned is that what ever happens it's more about what's going on with them then it is about you. All of these things have given me a confidence I have never known before.

Prior to the weekend I would get anxiety all the time, at work in my personal life and especially when talking to women I was attracted to. The anxiety was so bad that at times my throat would even close off somewhat and it would get hard to speak and even breath at times (mainly if I was trying to show interest). During the weekend we were taught how to embrace this anxiety and us it to our advantage, and it is a powerful thing. I still get anxiety at this point, but now I enjoy it, I chase it because it means there's something worth investigating. Anxiety no longer overwhelms me and as a result has improved every aspect of my life.

And the truth is Nick really does care, you can see him light up when something finally clicks for you or when you're doing well. He wants you to succeed, he wants you become a better you. I had some pretty intense experiences inside the club in New York, things I had never done before, things I won't broadcast over the internet. But that isn't the highlight of my time in New York, the highlight was meeting Nick, Christina, Tess, Matt, Danny, Sarah, and my fellow students Victor and Michael. Genuine people who love to help others grow. It's hard to believe that one can change so much in just 4 days, but with the help of amazing people such as these it was a breeze. Cannot wait to see you all again!

This class is not for everyone, you need to be ready for a change. Just going to the class will not fix your life, you will need to work during and afterwards. But it is so worth it, I thought the price was a lot of money before the weekend, now knowing what I gained from this weekend I would have gladly paid double or even triple. If you're ready to make the change then start the process of contacting Sparks Of Attraction today. If you're not ready figure out what you need to do to become ready.

Nick, Christina, Tess, Matt, Danny, Sarah, Victor, and Michael much love from Canada!

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