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Nick Sparks
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May 15, 2014
Well, simply put, I have no trouble approaching women anymore. I know that the next time I make eye contact with someone that makes my heart skip a beat, I'll be talking to her within seconds (actually, that exact situation played out just a couple of days after returning home.)

I got a lot more out of this course than just that though. I learned how to connect with people on an energetic level. I transformed into a person that can make someone else's day just a little bit brighter by approaching them and spending five minutes connecting with them, using conversation.

'Not knowing what to say' is an excuse that doesn't hold weight for me anymore because my goal now when talking to someone is to be present and learn about them. I have no fear whatsoever of being 'shot down' because I understand that sometimes, people simply don't want to talk. It's harder to take a cold shoulder personally when I remember that how they react to me says more about where they are in that moment than it does about me.

Much of the information shared in the course is surprisingly straightforward, but it's the implementation of that information that gets the focus. To just read about it and go out in your home town is not nearly as effective as going out to a bar with people who understand the science of socializing, who can see where you might be struggling and give you the advice you need in that moment.

The coaches are all excellent. It was so obvious to me that they got a genuine feeling of well-being watching us transform from who we were into confident, present, and outgoing people. They're doing what they're passionate about in life, and there is no greater feeling than helping others evolve and grow into who they want to be. The excitement that the coaches were getting out of watching this happen energized us into applying ourselves to the subject matter even more.

For my money, this course would have been worth every penny at twice the cost. Unfortunately, I may not have taken it for that price, and it would have been my huge, huge loss.

I'm a different person now. I feel like I won't be single for long, and I'm looking forward to all the women (and people in general) I'm going to meet in my future. I look forward to brightening their days, and having them brighten mine. So many women smile at me now, and I barely even have to speak. My life is different now. It's way better.

Some of us have a natural inclination on how to be with women. Some of us have to learn. Are you one of the latter? Take this course.
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