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"great program"

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Nick Sparks
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March 27, 2014
Nicks program is awesome, he never tries to throw too much at you at once. You end up learning everything you need to know by the end of the weekend anyway. The first night is just approaching, I was terrible at approaching, I felt better and better after every approach I made and most were positive interactions that I got from Nicks direct coaching. Every time I would leave an interaction Nick would tell me "and I haven't even taught you how to have a conversation yet" I knew there would even better nights the rest of the weekend. Friday afternoon we practiced conversations with the female instructors. I started off poorly, Nick could see everything I was doing wrong and everything I had always done wrong when talking to girls. After seeing him demonstrate and getting out of my head I realized how easy and enjoyable this could be. I walked away Friday night with this really cute British chicks number. Saturday was the day that everyone looks forward to. Connecting with my center finally made me realize what Nick and the other coaches already knew all along, that you can literally talk and be with any girl. I'm writing this a few weeks out from the program and I can honestly say that my life has changes for the better. My confidence is off the charts and I have a great girl that I spend most of my time with. I recommend this program 110%!
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