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Nick Sparks
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February 20, 2014
So like most others, I was extremely skeptical about doing the boot camp. Especially since I had to travel to the other side of the globe for it. But I took a leap of faith after speaking to Nick on the phone. Nick had asked what my goals were for the boot camp, and what I wanted to achieve. After about an hour on the phone, he promised I would achieve every single goal, one of them being that I would handle this whole getting good with woman once and for all. This guy was either extremely cocky, or extremely good. Turns out it was the later, just so much more than I thought.

Before arriving to the boot camp, I'd had success. with girls. Id had my share of girlfriends and one night stands. However I was always unsure with what i was doing right and wrong. And they were vary rarely with the high quality girls I wanted. Nick had promised he could help me level up. This changed, drastically changed. Over the weekend Nick and his team made it blatantly obvious what I was doing right and wrong. Was it easy? No. Not by a long shot. Nick was brutally honest. I had to loose my ego massively, and man up to his teachings. Between him Christine, they showed me exactly what I was doing wrong. Over and over again until it was so ingrained into my brain that my mistakes couldn't come up again. It was brutal, but so effective. My results during the night and the following weeks proved that.
One of Nicks assistance Christine, ran us through the mill as well, discovering our own inner sexuality. Its hard to put into words just how effective this was. Looking back, I felt like a boy before the camp nervous, and not owning my sexuality. She changed this. Once and for all.

Before the camp I was unsure of myself. i was unsure if I would ever get this handled. I felt like a boy. And i felt I couldn't get, keep, or deserve high quality girls. I can honestly say this has all been turned around. Nick delivered what he said he would, and so much more.Since the camp I've had girls come into my life who before I wouldn't have stood a chance with. However now I know exactly what to do. Im not nervous, there's no anxiety. Everything now seems to flow naturally. Exactly what I wanted.

Its important to understand, this is not a pick up boot camp. If you want to have someone teach you lines, and the fastest way to get a girl into bed using techniques, this is not for you. I wanted to naturally attract woman by being my self. I didn't want to memorize lines and be some creepy guy spitting words written by someone on a pua forum. Nick and the team teach you how to be yourself, but the best possibly version. There are no lines, and no gimmicks. Yes it may be harder, and you have to face your own demons, but its so much more rewarding when you have a beautiful girl in front of you, attracted to the guy you've become, as with what happened to me the following week.
I cant speak highly enough of Nicks assistance. Eric, his assistance coach new his stuff. He was out every night helping us, one night staying to the late hours of the morning to hang out with us and give us pointers. Christine was a super star. I swear she has super powers to uncovering a guys sexuality.The sessions with her were incredible. I cant speak more highly of her.

The follow up fron Nick is just as good. After 2 months I messaged Nick asking if I could call for some help. His reply, "Sure, when are you free?"

In summary, the boot camp is worth every dollar, even considering the flights over to the USA. Consider it an investment in yourself, it will pay off for the rest of your life.
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