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"Eye Opening Weekend"

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Nick Sparks
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March 27, 2014
This program is fantastic because it teaches you how to be yourself more fully around women. There's no lying or manipulating involved. The results that the weekend has given me around women and just people in general has completely transformed my life in two weeks.

Nick and the other coaches push you playfully from night one to approach groups of people and women I never would have approached and hang in conversations that I would never normally hang in, and the results were amazing.

It's legitimately fun to be going out with these guys and learning from them. Nick's outlook on women and social interaction that he presents throughout the weekend and embodies within himself is contagious, magnetic, and impossible not to adopt once you've taken it on and tried it in social settings. Simply put, it's the truth.

As somebody who has suffered from social anxiety for most of my life (I didn't even mention that to the instructors during the weekend because it is so embarrassing for me), this weekend opened my eyes to a world where there is literally no need for this condition. The simple prescriptions Nick gives seem TOO simple to accomplish all of this, but the results are absurdly apparent when you practice them in daily life. People are reacting to me so differently and wonderfully that I feel like an entirely different person.

I would highly recommend putting aside a weekend to work on something that will truly change your life for the better.
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