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"One Year Out"

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Nick Sparks
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September 14, 2012
It’s been one year since my Bootcamp with Nick. I’m happy to say the last 12 months have been amazing. I’m 3 months into a great job, have an awesome girlfriend, and have even seen relationships with my family improve. Overall, the quality of my interactions and the resulting confidence has touched all areas of my life. Upon reflection, a lot of it stems back to what Nick taught me in NYC.
We all know the saying: the devil‘s in the details. Well the details are where I see the most change. I’m talking about making eye contact and saying “hi” to people passing me in the hall, having a strong presence when walking into a bar, or simply keeping my mouth shut and actually LISTENING to what others have to say. They’re the little things that aren’t actually so little. While I would rarely do them last year, I now do them out of habit.
The weekend with Nick opened me up to those details and gave me the tools to improve them. By the end of the weekend, I wasn’t naturally doing this stuff. But I knew my problem areas and I knew how to correct them. More importantly, I was given the confidence to continue growing. It’s one thing to have Nick at the barstool next to you, but it’s another to be back on your own. However, that’s a jump we all have to make and the experiences from the weekend helped me make it. My nerves were still there, but when I told myself “hey, I did this 100 times in NYC with Nick,” I was able to get over those hurdles.
Going out and pushing to improve myself has been a transformational journey. But here’s my favorite part of the program: I’m still the same guy! Although I gained social skills and confidence, the person I am has never changed. Nick didn’t teach me to be someone else. He didn’t give me a goofy hat to wear and a line to spout off. Rather, he showed me how to be a better me. And that’s what I’m most grateful for.
I’m thrilled with the past year, excited to see what comes next, and know Nick will be in my corner the entire way. If you want to see a permanent improvement in your life, I’m one of many who would recommend this program. It’s one of the best decisions you could make.
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