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"Outstanding investment to become a better Man"

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Nick Sparks
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October 24, 2013
Joining Fearless is the best investment I made in my life. Becoming great with women as well as mastering myself are the biggest goals I’ve wanted to achieve in my life, and I have not regretted anything the moment I stepped onto the plane, en route to New York.

The program is consisted a total of 3 days, 3 nights. I own some of Nick’s video products already, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I meet him in person. Would he be as awesome, honest, and supportive in person? Well let’s just say, many people out there put on different faces in different situations; Nick, on the other hand, is as authentic as a man could get. I really want to emphasize that, because he cares about your success as much as you do. Sometimes he cares even more when you’re simply not “feeling it” during the night as we approach gorgeous girls in the City.

The first night, we started out by learning the basics of approaching a woman. And when I say basic, approaching in and of itself is darn simple! Listen, going up to a woman, getting to know her, and have a good time do not take rocket science. As you follow the steps Nick teaches, you learn that it does not matter what you say. Pickup lines are as corny as a farm in Idaho anyways, how would you feel if a girl approaches you with a canned line? It takes much more confidence and self-assurance to approach her, look her in the eyes, and let what you say, how you act, come out naturally as they may.

On the next day, Nick prescribed what specifically each of us needs to work on, after seeing how we did last night. While every guy’s sticking points could be slightly different, it was surprising that no matter how hard we think our downsides are tough to overcome, that it would take a miracle to fix our interactions with women, every guy’s mistakes are actually all so common, and really easy to fix. In addition, the assistant coaches really helped as we did approach exercises. It was profound to hear their critiques from the woman’s perspective. Friday is further dedicated to mastering conversation: the funny thing is, the more you listen and focus on the other person, the more it gets easy to converse with her.

Finally, on Saturday, we learn about the nuts and bolts of how to escalate. Escalation is simply act upon your feelings, how the cutie in front of you makes you feel. We went through, step-by-step, how to transition from the initial approach, conversation, to getting close to her. Everything has a natural feel to it, as if it’s simply human nature between you and her that is taking place.

As the end of the weekend approaches, I have made a few valuable friends along the place. You realize that empowering men to become the best of themselves, particularly with women, is Nick’s biggest passion. And he’s damn selfless and proactive in helping you to get there.
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