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"12 months on and this is a lot easier than I thought!!"

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Nick Sparks
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July 01, 2012
Probably the biggest thing I learned on the weekend with Nick was that I wasn't showing girls that I liked them. I wasn't escalating. I could be fun and interesting, and girls would show me that they liked me, but I wasn't taking things further. I’d stay in funny mode and the interaction would wear out. Nick taught me how and when to escalate, and how to do it without coming across like a creep or feeling uncomfortable.

For example, I was out one night back home recently. The bar was closing, and I was leaving with my mates. I was about to have a cigarette but there were two girls to my right so I thought I’d ask them for a light. After 5 minutes of banter and 2 minutes of escalation I was getting in a taxi with one of them :D. I'd never have known how to to do that without Nick. I was walking home after leaving her house the next morning. I bumped into a mate of mine from school and he was with a girl. Turned out she lived in London (he lives in Ireland). I didn't think much about it til I was talking to a mutual friend. Apparently that was his ex from a few years ago. He’s trying to get back with her. I thought it was a nice metaphor. Instead of being the guy that’s facing thirty and trying to get back with his ex coz he feels like he’s running out of time and options, I’m walking home after spending the night with a hot (and LOUD) Spanish girl! And I've got Nick to thank. Cheers bro!!

Right now I’m learning to be more direct with girls; how to show them they turn me on. In the past I would be apprehensive about displaying any kind of physical attraction to a girl. Either through eye contact or physically. I’d be scared of making her feel uncomfortable. Now I just focus on enjoying it. If she’s got a problem with that, well, that’s her problem! In the future I’ll get better at understanding what she’s feeling and adjusting my behaviour to that.
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