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"Aug 2013 Weekend with Nick Sparks"

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Nick Sparks
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August 24, 2013
I read "The Game" a couple years ago and was initially very turned off by it; the whole psychological trickery involved seemed too complicated, too devious, too unnatural, and too uncomfortable. However, lacking any better alternatives at the time, I investigated the online PUA world and first found a coach who utilized similar techniques as the main characters in The Game. I went to Orlando for a 3 day weekend bootcamp that involved similar activities found in Nick's program, and I thought I did relatively well considering I had never cold approached like that before. However, once the bootcamp was over the umbilical cord was cut and I was left to my own devices. The one and only night I went out to try to build upon the things I learned at the bootcamp, I was stuck back at approaching.

After that bootcamp I missed 3-4 golden opportunities with very attractive women because I never felt comfortable around girls I'm really attracted to. This was extremely frustrating to say the least, and after the last missed opportunity I took back to the web where I found Nick.

I never believed in destiny until I met Nick. I also always believed that there isn't a single "soul mate" out there for me, that I am compatible with many, many women across all backgrounds and ethnicities. After my weekend with Nick I now know beyond the shadow of a doubt that my destiny is to make connections with as many people out there in the world, both women and men. What I liked most about Nick in my initial conversation with him was that he stated the end goal is not to simply be able to attract women to you and to have fulfilling relationships with them, but to have fulfilling (non-sexual) relationships with men, which naturally extends into improved relationships in all areas of life, including friends, jobs, extended family, etc.

Thursday night we met briefly at a neighborhood bar and grill where Nick laid down the first set of basic steps. In retrospect it is amazing how simple and confidence-building approaching can be when you follow three basic steps. Everything else comes from the inside, from your own desire toward the girls you approach, and if you're like me then you're not used to feeling this desire and focusing it on an attractive girl. This was the biggest part missing from my first night, yet--amazingly--I still yielded extremely positive results. I approached close to ten girls or groups of girls without a single negative response (at least not that I recall). I felt like I was well on my way to becoming a master of attraction after such initial success.

Friday we spent classroom time with a couple lovely female assistants where we practiced our approach and body language. I felt surprisingly nervous with the female assistant who was obviously not going to judge me in any way and was perfectly inviting to my touch. I think the feeling of being on stage in front of Nick and my fellow students turned up the pressure more than I expected. I may as well have been performing on Saturday Night Live! However I got through it, Nick made careful, calculated observations with corresponding feedback, and I felt relieved to have made it through. After a brief field exercise we all headed back to our pads for rest before the night game.

Friday night was entirely different from Thursday night in terms of results, the vibe of the crowd, etc. I had hoped it would be better than Thursday night and that I would simply maintain a linear, upward trajectory of my progress. Friday night was tough, I won't lie. I approached more girls, around 12-15, but received very little (perceived!) positive feedback. In retrospect, Friday night was EXACTLY what I needed at the time in order to set up Saturday night.

Sexy Saturday. OH, Sexy Saturday.... The day was spent with more classroom instruction, feedback, and exercises followed by another brief field exercise. One particular exercise was absolutely mind blowing. Nick had the best tactic for building up my inner desire and sexuality and how to focus it on his drop-dead gorgeous assistant. *sigh* my heart flutters again now just thinking back on it. Yesterday seems so long ago! After the field exercise we all rested up in preparation for night game but all I could do was toss and turn in bed because my chest would not stop thumping.

Saturday night was without doubt the best night of my life. Bar none. We met up at the usual neighborhood bar for prepare talk before heading out on the town once more. I took every opportunity to warm myself up outside on the street, talking to almost every girl I passed. We ran into a bachelorette party that was extremely flirtatious off the bat and I felt my sexual desire build as I watched Nick cross off the first item on the bachelorette list by whispering "sweet nothing's" in the ear of the bachelorette. She lit up like a Christmas tree, putting her hand to her mouth and slapping Nick's shoulder as he continued to pour his magic elixir down her ear, yet she could not turn away. Next item on the list was for a hot guy to take his shirt off, and I tore mine off without hesitation. The beads I was awarded as a result came in handy the rest of the night as a conversation piece.

I started to catch fire before we ever even made it into the first bar. Once inside I took the wise step of joining my wingman in conversation with a set of 3 girls. I spoke with a girl who I had zero attraction to for ten minutes, but I still practiced the things Nick taught me, and all it did was continue to boost my sexual desire. I found myself stuck talking to a gorgeous Puerto Rican girl at the back of the bar and halfway into the conversation it hit me that I was very attracted to her. I got out of my head, I started feeling her sexual energy as she responded to mine and it was a feeling I will never forget and will become motivation for all future approaches.

On the way to the next bar I chatted with a gorgeous blond about to cross the street and offered her a piggy back ride. As fate would have it, I would become acquainted with her later on in the night (she happened to be a friend of a friend of Nick's). I pulled out a basketball move on a gorgeous, tall blond and got applause from a group of guys following close behind, as well as bringing excitement and laughter to the blond. I felt indestructible, and all I wanted was to talk to girls and be close to them and feel them respond to my sexual desire.

At the next bar Nick directed me to go talk to a group of 4 attractive girls at the end of the bar. I walked over without hesitation but as I approached, the last girl was taking a seat at the table with the others. I pusses out, intimidated by the level of intimacy the table created for the group, and I headed down the stairs across from the table. I don't recall what went on downstairs, but when I resurfaced I made a beeline for the most attractive girl in the group and plopped myself down right next to her. A Bostonian, known to be ball busters. She loved my presence but better yet, I loved HER presence and I let her FEEL it.

At the expense of saving this dialogue from becoming a novel, I'll stop here and just add that I probably made 25 approaches last night, with a couple make outs. Stuff I never in my wildest dreams thought I could do in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter. Stop making excuses and go put yourself out there, you were meant to do it!
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