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"The path from boy to warrior "

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Nick Sparks
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July 25, 2013

The path From Boy to Warrior

Before your clinic session you will have a phone call with Nick.

He was confident that if I trusted him and pushed myself that I would see results THAT weekend and that I would get this part of my life handled...

When I hung up the phone despite his convincing speech only one question rang through my head,

“Can my life really change in one weekend?”

There are emotions of gratitude welling in my chest as I write this. Because the answer is:


About me:
I was never very good with girls

The only stint I had with girls was in third grade. All my friends were girls.I remember spinning around barefoot in the wet grass until we were so dizzy we’d fall. we’d lay there side by side with our hearts thumping and watch the clouds go by.

I am an artist introvert by nature raised by a sexually conservative jewish family. I remember distinct instances in my childhood where I was severely scolded by my parents by expressing my sexuality.

I have found that some of my friends with conservative catholic, jewish or indian upbringing have had the same frustrations and belief systems formed around women that had limited their success.

I had no luck in art school . NONE! I liked girls but I had a hard time finding those feelings because I was so ashamed of them I literally could not feel them or connect with them.

In years to come I approached many girls. I even took a couple bootcamps with other instructors and had very little success. I had always thought I was a kind and successful person in all areas of my life. I could not figure out why I could not get this part handled. I only had 1 serious relationship my whole life and it did not work because 1: it was handed to me and 2: we were so wrong for each other. I couldn’t go through such a bad break up again I wanted choice. but I couldn’t crack the code. I thought I was doomed to be this social retard forever.
I even started to prowl mail order bride sites.I gave myself a time cap, “if I can’t handle this by the time I’m 40 I will make Jiin-Fu my wife.”

This was all my world. This was all my reality. Until last weekend...

Why did Nick’s teachings work? Its simply because he is a fantastic teacher! The reason why I am so qualified to say this is because I’m also a teacher and teachers know good teaching.

Nick is focused on the doing instead of harping on and on about philosophy. He gives easy bite sized actionable steps that when you apply get results. His advice is so simple and focused its easy to follow. I always knew exactly what actions I had to take in order to get the result i wanted.

There is phenomena called the 80-20 principle or the Pareto Principle. In which 20% of your actions make up for 80% of your results. So in theory if you just focus on learning that 20% then 80% of your results are in the bag! Nick focuses on the social skills that matter and doesn’t overwhelm you with theory so that you get massive results a short period of time.

I can’t tell you how many times the words, “ I’ve never done that before in my life.” left my mouth. the past weekend.

A cute NYU student gave me her number in a book store.

I wrapped my arm several complete strangers in washington park within minutes.

I talked to EVERYONE at the bar and had girls eye rapeing me to go talk to them.

Once I find my rhythm in conversation I can’t get people to shut up. I have people trying to yell over each other passionately to tell me about themselves.

And the biggest breakthrough was on the instruction day “Sexy Saturday”. Just the anticipation of that name alone made my mouth parched at the thought of getting sexual...

This is something I thought was wrong all my life.I thought that thinking of a woman in a sexual way was ungentleman like, disrespectful, and shameful.

After that Saturday's session I walked right up to a group of girls and sat next to one I was interested in. Within minutes I was thinking of all the enjoyment Iv wanted to have with her. I let my imagination run wild. I wanted start at her neck with my lips and slowly kiss my way down to her hip bone. I wanted to trace her hip bone with my tongue and bring her panties to her feet with my teeth. Imagined my nails run down her back has her hair stood up on ends as she arched her back in pleasure.

I leaned in close slowed down my speech and I froze her with the intensity of my eyes.
She could feel the nature of my thoughts.
I thought I scared the shit out of her. She just looked at me silent with wide eyes.

So I left....

I found Nick for feedback I wanted to know where I fucked up.

I was deflated and explained to Nick the situation .Then She walked past me and pinched me on my arm.

it rocked my foundation...

This was my missing piece...

Which brings be back to that question, “ Can your life really change in one weekend?”

I always had this romanticized idea that the path from a boy to a warrior is when what previously made you terrified now gives you excitement. Here’s to that path and to anyone who is brave enough to join us in those ranks!

Thank you. So so much.

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