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"One hell of a weekend"

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Nick Sparks
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August 18, 2012
Hey Everyone,

This has been a long time coming, but I feel that since a few months have passed, I have a greater perspective of the benefits of the programme. I'll do my best to be as clear and concise as I can, but forgive me if I run off on a tangent as there have been an adventure or two. ;)

I arrived in New York from the UK not really knowing what to expect. My first day was spent getting to know my surroundings, gazing at the huge buildings which, as a dreamer by nature, began to make my mind race with the possibilities.

The first night arrived and I left for the meetup spot. I arrived and stood outside with bar feeling some trepidition, anxious and a little doubtful over what the weekend may hold. I was the first to arrive and spotted Mr Sparks dropping hooks to the groups of people around him. I said a quick hello, ensuring I slowed down the pace at which I would usually speak - something that I'm sure even Gerard Butler has to. However, over the course of the weekend, I was about to learn that my accent, as a fellow countryman whom I met that weekend would tell me, "was money". ;)

The other guys arrived and we sat down for a little coversation about how the first night would go. We would be concentrating solely on approaching and getting over this initial hurdle. This was my biggest challenge overall and it would be prove to be something I had to work on over the weekend. Luckily, I was surrounded by a man who clearly knew what he was doing and two other "students" who were extremely hungry to learn the craft.

The first night on the whole, went well. It took me a long time to get warmed up, longer than any of the other guys - infact I came dead last in the number of approaches made. After i was warmed up, things went well and generally people were very friendly. The first few groups of people I went into, I ended up running away before they actually gave me any bad signals as I felt they didn't want my company, this was a miscalibration on my part and something Nick did his utmost to correct.

The Friday was all about conversation which was just awesome. I now never ever worry about what I am going to say to a woman, when you know the tricks its really that simple. I'm naturally an introvert so I've always been a great listener, and this stuff was just the icing on the cake. The Friday night was actually the most difficult night for me. The other guys seemed to be doing very well with very little hesitation in approaching, in the beginning I just seemed to be going nowhere. After the first couple of bars, I started to loosen up a little and having some more fun and funnily enough, people started responding to me. The take away from the night was simple, go in expecting people to enjoy your company, if you don't believe this you are shooting yourself in the foot before you've even started.

"Sexy Saturday" as they call it, was intense. We started off with some classroom lessons on escalation, and let me tell you, i felt awkward, hugely out of my comfort zone. This is always good though, Nick pushes you to your limit and then beyond - this literally makes it so much easier when it comes to speaking with woman. We then had a little daygame, which was definitely not my strong point. I spoke to fast so the responses I recieved were rather poor, even so, I could feel my momentum building and it was getting easier and easier to talk to women in the street and this paid dividends when it came to Saturday night.......

We met up at the usual spot and had a briefing before we started to hit the bars. This was by far the best night of all three - I was on fire. I was no longer the slowest in the group at getting going when speaking to women, I was going after this evening with literally all i had.

The first bar we hit, the whole lot of us literally cleaned up - there wasn't any crazy stuff happening but we literally owned that bar. Nick said his goal at the beginning of the weekend what to give us an experience that would make us realise that we could do this - this was the night for me. I had some great conversations with some beautiful women, bouncing from group to group and just having an awesome time, I even had a great conversation with the barmaid and, in my opinion, sometimes these can be the hardest nuts to crack.

We left the bar and I was absolutely buzzing. The next bar awaited and i could not wait to get stuck in. I hit the bathroom to reassert myself and then came out fighting! ;) The first group I saw had the cutest girl in there. I went straight up, started the conversation and had an absolute blast. That's with one of her friends being a complete b**** (something that would have blown me out of the water in the past, but not now). I followed all the tips that I learned over the weekend and had a great night with a wonderful woman who i still keep in touch with.

Sunday was all about the debrief, time to chill, reflect on the great times with some new friends and the learnings of a great experience. 6 months on, I look back, and I know I'm not where I want to be yet. Practice is key, and as a 25 year old with a business of my own, it's difficult to go out every weekend as time is of a premium. However, this doesn't worry me in the slightest. Why? I know I can do it, I've had the experiences that prove I am capable of being a social, highly attractive person when I want to be, when I go after it. This weekend increases your awareness so that if you ever are out of practice, you can leave an interaction, realise what you can improve on and do it the next time. This stuff is the most fun form of self improvement out there - practice your skills with women and you will become a stronger, more confident male who is not scared of taking "risks" to get what he wants. I say "risks" with quotation marks because when you put things into perspective, they really aren't - you have nothing to lose and the world to gain.

They say dreaming without any action is insanity and while i may not be completely cured, I do feel that I am well on the road to recovery. Thank you Nick, you have shown me the path and all I need to do now is walk it. "

Hope that does the job mate. Take care and hopefully see you soon - should be over in NYC sometime towards the end of the year.


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