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"An awesome weekend with Nick Sparks"

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Nick Sparks
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July 19, 2012
I think if you read the rest of Nick's testimonials you get a pretty accurate picture of the experience. I’m just gonna mention a few things that really stuck out for me.

1. You will find your sticking point
Whatever level you are at, you will find your sticking point. The thing that is stopping you from getting what you want, or stopping you from being your best. My sticking point (well one of them ) was escalation. I just didn’t know how or when to do it. Now I know that it’s a problem and I know what steps to take. Whatever level you are at you can always be better. Coaching will help you get past your sticking points and get what you want.

2. You will face your fears!
I was petrified of cold approaching girls. I was scared to death that they would shoot me down or ignore me. Well guess what! It happened!! I went in sheepishly and I got ignored. Too bad. I’ve still got two arms and legs. The world’s still turning! When I think back to all the approaches I made, most of them went pretty well. I got genuinely ignored once, and the rest turned into opportunities. Sure I’m still apprehensive of cold approaching, but there are ways of making it easier to approach people. And now I know what they are!

3. You will be a friend
The thing that stuck out the most for me was that when Nick talks about clients being friends, he genuinely mean it. In fact, it feels weird describing myself as a “client”. Clients are people I meet quarterly to explain why their fund has less money in it than 3 months ago. I know if I’m stuck on something I can just bang Nick an email and ask, in the same way you’d ask a mate if he’d downloaded any good tunes lately.

So cheers Nick for a savage weekend and an eye-opening experience!

One final point. There are no magic bullets. You gotta work at it and make this a subconscious habit. Every day is an opportunity to learn something and to improve. Do it.
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