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"January 2013 Program..!! An amazing experience..!!"

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Nick Sparks
Date Program Took Place:
January 10, 2013

I had been looking forward to working with Nick for a while. I had
read his articles and a friend did a program a while back speaking only
great things about him. All this intrigued me even more to work with

However, I have been in the “community” for a while and done a few
Bootcamps (4 or 5…and some with (so called) TOP companies…) not yielding
much results, so I needed to be sure that this was right for me, and
not another marketing scheme.

I talked to Nick around 5 times on Skype (yes..5 times!!) and both
his charisma and assurance that I would get where I want if a) I work
with him and b) I go back and practice what he asks me to , left it very
hard for me to say no…his energy and excitement is contagious..!! Next
thing I knew I was on my way to New York!!

All in all, the weekend was amazing…!! And I don’t mean that in a
Bootcamp high sort of amazing, I truly believe that if I continue
working with Nick closely and working on what he ask’s me to, I can get
where I want to in my dating life and success with women.

Nick’s focus is simple, be someone who can approach fearlessly,
understanding that some people will simply not like you (for their own
reasons), while others will (again for their own reasons), and once you
find someone you “click” with, simply enjoy a great conversation with
them (using the effective conversation skills he teaches you), and
amplify the sexuality if you feel turned on by them (again he will teach
you all this). Simple!! Yet very effective..!!

Since I have returned, the reaction’s I’m getting from women are very
different. I realise that my conversations are 100 times better. I can
talk to people with more connection, really listening to what they say,
and trying to understand each unqiue person I talk to, rather than
trying to apply a certain “formula” like I was before (even though Nick
will give you certain “techniques” to help you improve your
conversations”. I also know how to turn things sexual when I meet a girl
I have chemistry with.

One of the greatest things about this program, and this MUST NOT be under-rated, is the support you receive afterwards.
In almost all of the Bootcamps I did before, the instructors teach you
the bootcamp, and you don’t hear from them afterwards..!!..And if you
do, then you need to pay more money..!! Not with Nick..!! Nick is
committed to working with you for the rest of your life when it gets to
getting this area of your life handled…you don’t have to pay him any
more for another phone consultation, or to ask him questions via e-mail,
he is committing to helping you however he can to get you where you

I have to say that Nick’s extremely strong determination to get you where you want is very rare, and refreshing.
I emailed him 5 days or so after the Bootcamp saying that we should have
a Skype session on the weekend to work out a clear path for me to
follow…he replied that he wanted to do it sooner, as he wanted something
for me to practice FOR the weekend.
This sort of enthusiasm and energy to helping you achieve the success
you want is extremely rare in this “dating advice” market…so PLEASE,
PLEASE guys, if you get the chance to work with Nick, use this support
he offers wisely.

And almost lastly, this program cannot be summed up without
mentioning Christina Berkeley, who was amazing assisting our Bootcamp.
Her calm energy, understanding and knowledge of how relating between men
and women works best, together with her strong presence, went together
very well with Nick. The two made a great teaching pair. When she left
on Saturday afternoon, it almost felt as if something was missing from
our team…but we still got together and rocked the night..!

And lastly, I wanted to shout out to my fellow brothers and Bootcamp
Alumni’s…without them this Bootcamp would not have been so special.
Throughout the two days we bonded really well, and helped and pushed
each other as much as we possibly could. We formed a very good “bond”
which I am eager to harness.We are all determined to keep in touch to
ensure we all succeed.

All in all, my final words, if you’re thinking about working with
Nick, or if you’ve done Bootcamp’s with other companies which haven’t
yielded the results you wanted AND if you ARE committed to going back
and working on what Nick asks you to, then I totally totally recommend
this program. It is not a quick fix but I am confident it will get you
where you want to.

I have told myself, that I will write another review in a month, to
contrast to this review, so that you can all see the progress I have
made since the Bootcamp!! This is something I will definitely do…so look
out for my post in one month’s time…

Thanks…and good luck to you all

Oh…I wanted to mention one more thing…if any of you have not been to
New York before (like me, before the program), then make sure you try
taking off an extra 4-5 days to get to see New York too!! It’s a great
city, with so much vibrancy and energy…make sure you check it out..!!
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