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"A NYC bootcamp with Nick Sparks (originally posted: 6/14/11)"

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Nick Sparks
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June 10, 2011
I took a TSM bootcamp with Nick and the other coaches 30 days ago. I just got back home tonight with a few numbers from some cute girls and really, the important aspect here is that I took the action I was taught during the bootcamp to go up to these girls, talk with them and then eventually, go for the number. I’ll know later today which are legit/work out and which flake, but for now, I still consider the actions and boldness taken, up until the number exchange, as reflections of the bootcamp’s result. A changed mindset and an improved me. (sounds cheesy, but hey, most good things in life do!)


When I got to the studio with my partner-in-crime for the weekend, we became acquainted with Nick and then went over the 6 steps of Fearless. It was all really useful and succinct – a bit different from the Fearless seminar in NYC in the winter, and additionally, the repetition was really helpful b/c of how essential these are to a guy’s pick up progress and success. We then broke until evening when we met at Jon’s place, had some mixed music goin on (Dave Mathews included of course) and we practiced what Nick taught us earlier, but now LIVE with some of the female instructors, Jodie and Marina. Yes, this felt really strange and awkward at first, like practicing a speech in front of a mirror…but then, it got better, we got better and looser, and in the end, I felt it really did help. So if you do a bootcamp in the future and get weirded out here, just go with it, haha. Just getting feedback and KNOWING what it FEELS LIKE when you’re loose and comfortable - and what it should feel like from a calibration standpoint – begins to alter your frame of reference. For me, throughout the weekend, one main objective was staying in the moment and just going with it, rather than being in my head. (Easier said than done, true, but definitely got better over the bootcamp.)

Later that night, we went out with Nick and Evan. The night was really fun and I must say, the bootcamp may be worth it just to experience Nick’s multiple “Spartacus-meets-Braveheart-worthy” inspiring speeches about our growth, our lives and women. Also, Nick kept us on our feet and always kept the party goin – no matter what the deal was at the bar! ☺ Got some convos and numbers in, and it was a really solid night.


We met up with Nick in the early afternoon and the best thing about walking in this time, was that the coaches and I already knew what my biggest hang ups were, including slowing down, pause…buffering (or as Adam calls it, “just shutting up” ☺), leaning back and some other things, which all connote neediness. I worked on those aspects essentially until the end of the bootcamp, though adding in some escalation tips and whatnot once we got those under our belts.

Friday night we had some more female coaching but now the TSM unpacked the big guns – we had 6 coaches come out with us, all of whom also helped criticize (constructively, of course) our approaches/interactions with the female coaches, and Jon was there for the commenting session too. This night was also a good learning experience, I got to feel a bit of the “pull back” and the girl’s chase Nick wanted me to really work on, and it was just a blast to be around Sunney, Danny, Nick, Adam, Jon and Brian. Oh, and just to mention, the coaches all stayed out past 2am, the official cut off time of the bootcamp every night, so I wanna give em props for their dedication ;) love you guys.


You’d think by Saturday, the 4-5 hours of sleep a night would get to me…but it hadn’t. I just stayed pumped b/c the weekend wasn’t as daunting as it was inspiring and enjoyable. Today we went over escalation, with Nick leading and other coaches piping in with their own tips here and there. All of it came together really nicely and was incredibly informative. I mean, you can read some of this in the TSM programs, but there’s definitely some stuff you have to experience in person. For example, when Nick puts out all his mojo to “demonstrate” his sexual powers on you…all I’ll say is it’s super powerful lol. And also, of course, you get to ask them any and all q’s you have so that comes in handy.

Sat night was probably one of the loosest and more productive nights for me in terms of all the info coming together, working cohesively, as well as just the amount of risks I took. In retrospect, I potentially could have taken even more, but really, I’m proud of the progress I made and the amount of work, risks and rejections (1 half face slap…but she misunderstood/was drunk and it’s just funny story, honest :p…) I put in. Of course, all the coaches and the other guy on the program all helped me with that progress, so I thank all of them immensely for this weekend and their time :D


This was brunch (with any q’s we had) + day game. Danny was great in helping us with the day game – kinda his thang – and really we had the opportunity to ask him anything we wanted. We did some exercises, some approaches, and some wrap-up talks about the weekend and our futures. Danny actually wouldn’t leave until WE were ready to throw in the towel for the day, going as long as we wanted. Alas, I had a prior-engagement with a friend in the early evening so I bid Danny and my “teammate” farewell and off I disappeared into the dark depths of the NYC subway system.

For anyone wondering, yes, I did get numbers and I did get a makeout over the weekend, and I could have taken things further, but I’m not talking about that because that is not what was most important to me from my expectations before the bootcamp. It’s also not what I felt were part of the most crucial breakthroughs during the bootcamp. TSM coaches know their stuff and can hook you up with girls if that’s what you want, but for me, I wanted to, as Nick might put it, be “taught how to fish rather than be given a bunch of fish.” And by fishing, I mean connecting with and dating high quality girls.

Awareness – I’ve definitely felt more awareness in the weeks since the bootcamp. I took the awareness factor for granted before the bootcamp. I thought I had a pretty good self-awareness and I could tell if a girl was interested in me or not. But truthfully, I have an infinitely better understanding now. For example, I was moving out of my dorm with my sister, and this cute girl walked into the elevator. She had earplugs in and I asked her if she’s moved out yet. She said she doesn’t live in the dorm, and I just didn’t feel like continuing the convo since I was with my sister and whatever, so I stop talking. Then she continued talking about moving out Freshman year (reinitiating convo) afterwards and I would not have understood before the bootcamp that clearly she liked me because of this action/continued convo even though I didn’t encourage it. Very powerful feeling to recognize small things like this immediately and know that I could have taken this to a date the next day if I wanted. Another example has to do with my friend and she revealed a lot of deeper info with me that night after the bootcamp ended on Sunday, and it was due mainly to the Fearless principles I implemented that night when we hung out – eye contact, mirroring, pulling back, deeper and more touching. Of course, Looseness too which is related to all of this. I feel like suddenly I have a lot more control over my relationships and new interactions than I did before and I really love the TSM guys and gals responsible for opening my eyes to this.

Nick, Jon, Sunny, Danny, Adam, Brian, Marina, Evan, and Jodie…thanks for making this an incredibly fun and lifechanging experience. You pointed me in the right direction and opened up a new road I now need to work my way down until I reach the end. I certainly feel more confident and aware of all the obstacles around me as I head down that path, and I wish everyone else reading this post as much enlightenment as I’ve received, and as much future success as I’m working towards. Or better yet, if you’re in NYC, hit me up and we’ll go have a baller time. Catch ya’ll later ☺
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