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Nick Sparks
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August 09, 2012
August 2012 Live Coaching Experience

When I started to write this I was stuck with how to best describe something in words that aren’t all superlatives. “Awesome”, “amazing”, “fantastic” all spring to mind but I wanted to talk about my experience in a way that shows just how good it was, without just saying “it's awesome bro, do it.”

….Well, quite a lot of those words tried to sneak into my review anyway…

Before the course, once I had organized it all, I still had doubts. Did I really need to do it? I mean, I had SOME success, surely I could just keep plodding along as usual, with things the way they were?
But was I actually happy with the way things were? Ah, now this was the crunch question, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel in control of this area of my life, and as there is no time like the present, I steadfastly ignored the wimpy-voice trying to talk me out of going on the weekend and stuck at it. Stopping myself from pulling out of the weekend was half the battle I must say. And bloody hell, am I glad I stayed on track.

Training with Nick and his colleagues was really, truly helpful. Eye-opening in many respects. The simple fact is, you can read all the literature on meeting women in the world, but if you want to change your patterns of thinking and behaviour fast, then the most effective way is to get coaching.

The weekend helped me to be comfortable in my own skin. To be unashamedly masculine. I am now far more confident with regards to approaching women – I still get nervous at times, but it’s much less of a worry, and more like excitement. I can happily hold a conversation with anyone, and if it’s a cute girl I am seeing the signals of when to escalate.
I am also more confident in other areas of my life as well. e.g Arriving at a lecture hall to teach English to 100 students doesn't phase me, when I had thought I was going to tutor a small group of 4 or 5 people. One student even asked me how I was so confident and relaxed, it was only then I realised how much I had changed.

Essentially, before the course, I was having success with women, but it was hit-and-miss, I was stressing out too much about it, I kept thinking I needed to buy more and more material – to learn more tricks and to know more stuff and only THEN would I be happy.

Going on the coaching weekend has started to strip all of that away. I am now happier with who I am, and am more confident that I can go out, talk to women and have fun. And I can escalate sexually with confidence – a REAL issue I used to have, it was great to cover this on the weekend.

The only minor criticism I had of the weekend was the part that covered day-game. An instructor was outsourced to cover this, and unfortunately he was straight out of the “community”, wanting me to employ tactics like saying to a girl “I have to buy a gift for my niece, what would you recommend”. This type of stuff I don’t like, I prefer to be direct, and I’m pretty shit at lying, especially when the lie goes on too long then I have to make more stuff up and it just becomes complicated.
Once this was fed back, Nick and I chatted about day-game. He assured me it would be covered better in the future and if I have any problems I can speak to him via the continued online and telephone coaching presence.
I can confirm that since going on the course, I've been able to ask Nick any and all questions about daygame and it is now something I really enjoy.

A big thank you to Nick and his team, your coaching was excellent and I had an awesome time in New York.

So yes, definitely worth every penny. I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re thinking about doing the course and are sitting on the fence as I was, go for it.

Since going on the course I can honestly say that all I learned has stayed with me, without fading away. There are still hiccups and obstacles I have to deal with, but I am much more confident in dealing with them now, and with Nick available for questions it really is the best support anyone could ask for.
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