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January 10, 2013
Some may believe it’s not possible to change. I’m not sure who I’ll relate to but I’ll first give basic rundown of my past in the next 3 paragraphs. The rest focuses on the 4-day weekend

I think I was naturally an introverted child, but experiences certainly pushed me in that direction as well. The only memories I hold of my very early childhood, is that I was aware that I had no friends and there was some bias against me. The bias was partly race, but I didn’t understand that at the time. When it was time to play with others, I knew I had to find some task to do on my own.

In elementary school, I often got in trouble a lot and was put out of normal classes, into smaller classes for “special” kids. Due to this, I missed much of the normal interactions kids would get throughout school. Middle school was no better. I never talked. I remember 6th for every lunch or recess, walking around school as a methodical routine in order to waste time because I had no friends. 7-8th, I at least got a few friends

It’s weird as a kid, you may know you have a problem, but the reality doesn’t quite hit you. Somewhere in life, I developed the mindset that I’m so terrible socially that it’s better that I save people the burden of speaking to me. I downplayed my social abilities even more. I became more expressionless, soft spoken and aloof. Somewhere in this time, I did become unhappy. But I realized, there’s no point in being sad if nothing will change or that no one there is to comfort you. I pushed myself to be neither happy nor sad. Not long ago, I was going to legitimately give up on being social.

As of now, yes, there’s a bit more work I need to do. But funnily enough, an issue I’m facing is how do keep so many woman not attracted to me. I don’t mean there are hordes women are absolutely swooning over me everywhere I go, but you’ll pick up skills to know when you can push the interaction so much further; basically I know when I’m being dealt a good hand. Not to mention, your own mastery over your skills, will give you can gauge of what you can do. You’ll pick up this experience during the boot camp.

Going through this coaching, isn’t a matter of learning routines. You’re not learning to act dis-genuinely or be someone fake. Now, Nick is going to want best from you while your there, so expect to be pushed. You’ll get as much as you while there. But there’s definite growth after the program. I see it impossible not to. Nick caters his advice to your specific needs, along with giving you all the tools you’ll need to grow there on. The biggest thing you’ll leave with is a heightened awareness of your problems and what you need to do.

What the weekend will show you it’s an achievable goal. And you don’t have as many problems as you think. Well sure, you might now but I mean a problem that will be your hurdle and require your continued effort.

The experience also goes beyond the training with Nick. You’ll be with others who are also making this same commitment to their growth and that truly make a difference. I was with an awesome group of guys, who certainly inspired me to do better.

One more thing, this is program helps you more than just with woman. It helps you with all people in all your interactions. You’ll become a better-rounded social individual. You just save a few of your skills for particular women and not your grandma etc.
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