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August 01, 2011
I went to the 2011 summer camp which was held in Odessa, Ukraine.

I came back with the ability to spot girls that are in the club to fuck that night, how to laser-eye sexual intent directly into their eyes from across the room, walk over, take them and lead them to the dancefloor, to get a drink, kiss them and extract them out of the club without having to barely utter a word.

My inner game was shifted up a level and I really started to appreciate what it means to be a man, to accept my sexuality and not feel ashamed or worried about it, and to generate a powerful aura around myself and attract women to me.

The bootcamp lasted a week where we were out doing daygame and nightgame every day almost non-stop.

Marius took us for inner game sessions that were very powerful, no-nonsense and to the point. He really helped myself and others stop caring and just be MEN, regardless of what we think is "politically correct" or what society wants us to believe.

Badboy and Sasha taught daygame, which I already am ok at, althought Badboy taught his own version which I don't think is as effective as Sasha's.

Badboy taught tons of great dominant techniques for leading girls around clubs, sitting them down, picking them up, spinning them, kissing them, and everything. They really worked well, especially as I don't speak Ukranian or Russian, to get girls to follow my lead and get them to become attracted and submissive.

Dre taught beach game, which was fun and similar to daygame but the girls were wearing bikinis and sometimes were topless!

Overal I made quite a few friends on the bootcamp and we all came back feeling like we were really transformed, both our mentality, how we see the world, and our game.

The only downside was that there weren't enough instructors for the number of students, and for the price I would have expected a more planned-out structure with more sessions and more in-field feedback. However, I did end up really pushing myself and bonding with the other students, so it's not too much of a negative criticism.
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