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"Jeffy Bootcamp San Francisco: Aug 14th-16th 2009"

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Just finished my bootcamp last weekend with Jeffy. Assisting him were Clinton and Greg. All really cool guys to chill with.

First night:
Headed up to the Clift Hotel in SF to meet with Jeffy. Got there a few minutes early so I checked out the lounge, good amount of hot women there. Sat down in the lobby for a second and recognized Jeffy from the photos online. Introduced myself to Jeffy and met Clinton also. Sat down and Jeff immediately asked me two questions, what do you do and what do you want to gain from this bootcamp. I told him I run a medical cannabis dispensary here in the bay and that I can already get average chicks very regularly but that I want to be able to [get] every hot chick I am attracted to. He said "I have a great feeling about you but I'm also scared you might get aids in the next six months." I laughed and knew this was going to be a good weekend. The other student for the bootcamp shows up and be asks him similar questions. Then he gives us the run down for the weekend as to what is expected from us. We listen to Jeff breakdown how he pulls women for a while and it amps me up for the night. Greg arrives and I noticed I liked his laid back vibe. After some more talk it's off to the club. We hit up Elbow Room in the mission. Once in Jeff tells me to go approach a 3 set. Chat it up, women aren't that receptive so I stay in set doing some self amusing, all of a sudden Jeff is winging me. His shit is golden, he is funny as hell. I try not to spectate but I do want to see him work his magic. I'm doing some kino and then I see Clinton in the set. He has different style than Jeff and I liked seeing him in set. The women start to open up a little. We are in set for maybe 15 mins. The women want to smoke so we move on to more sets since the night just started. I am approaching everything I see, whenever I see Jeff he asks how the set went down and gives me some pointers. He was dead on with his evaluations. Next is the 30 second game. I am in sets in like under 10 seconds. Now I feel warmed up. Talking to Jeff and he points to a hot 8.5 that literally just walked in. I walk up, claw her and am like " I love your reminds me of... Hitler." She laughs and eats it up. Tells her friend what I said and then says she is going to the bar to get a drink. I don't want to follow her like some chode so I tell her I will see her later. Next I see a chick, probably an 8, approach her claw her and get close as hell to her face. She kinos me back. I am doing some self amusing stuff on her and she gives me a shit test. "I have boyfriend"..."that's nice." push her up against the staircase and kino harder. "I tell her she should come home with me." she says "I didn't say no"...after a minute I ask her if she wants to kiss me(I should never have said this, just went for it) says no. I am still reactive at this point in the night (which I should not have been) tell her why are you standing here then (I f..ked up here), she looks puzzled and I blow myself out with this one. I was in state and didn't give a shit at the time, did another approach in like seconds. A few sets later a chick at the end of the bar catches my eye, she's with her friend who is also kinda hot. Open with a double claw "you ladies are sexy, I had to come introduce myself". The hotter chick with an accent says "hey you're the one who called me hitler". I didn't recogize her because I was just like a robot by that time approaching every hot woman I seen. "Yeah I did" we laugh and it's on. Talking to her and her friend for a while and I'm showing intent and doing a bunch of cocky funny self amusing stuff. After about 15 mins. Jeffy sees me in need of a wing and comes in to the set. After about two more mins. another friend comes into the set and is trying to get her friends to go home, I talk to this friend also. Starting to kino my target harder but her friend keeps butting in. I sense they are going to leave the venue so I go for a number close (in retrospect I should have gone for the kiss close). She just moved her a week before from Norway and only has an international number. Gives me the info for the hotel she is staying at and her facebook info. They leave and it's on to the next set. Approach a cute redhead when I see one of the guys talking to her friend (I think it was Greg but can't remember for sure), she scoots over and tells me to sit down. Chat it up for a minute and realize it's close to two 2 a.m. Keep kinoing and trying to push the interaction. The lights turn on and the place is closing. We try to bring them with us since we are going to eat. One of their friends is shit faced drunk and they don't want to leave her but we continue to talk with them. I number close the redhead and watched Greg kino hard as hell on his target. I really liked seeing him show strong intent, great pick up artist. We go get something to eat and recap the night. Before we leave the cafe a fat chick tries to open me but I really didn't come to bootcamp to close fat chicks since I could close much better chicks already. Go back to my hotel and review my night.

Day Two:

I could barely sleep so I wake up at 7:30 a.m. Decide to hit the gym because I hate missing a day of my workout routine. Get back around 11:30 a.m. and go back to sleep so that i'm rested for the night. I meet up with Jeffy, Clinton and Greg at Clift Hotel at 7:00 p.m. They give advice and I happy to hear that they think I did great and that I'm not going to have any problems mastering this. Basically Jeffy said escalate harder and sooner and Clinton and Greg said just stay in the field constantly. We hit the lounge at Clift Hotel and begin the second night, I immediately approach sets the moment we step in. Jeffy tells me to open a seated six set with the "Showcase" since they liked the way I demo'd it earlier that night. I showcased a few times that night and it was funny and opened well. Came into a set with Clinton and Jeffy and talked it up with this hot latina chick. I got to see Jeffy do the motorboat on this blonde chick. I kept approaching all the hot chicks in the venue. Saw these 3 chicks, two hot one not, sitting on this cramped little couch. Went up to the one I liked and kinoed and literally sat on top of their table. They opened smoothly, did a bunch of self amusing stuff on them and Jeffy came in to wing. He pulled the two other chicks off the couch (didn't actually see how he did it because I was focused on my target) and I sat next to my target hip to hip. She was into me for sure and I kino hard. She then pulled shit tests on me. "Buff guys don't make me wet" she said (yeah f**king right). "good thing I'm not buffed" and laughed while I push my chest out into hers. She liked it and we talked another minute, then some more shit tests. She said "You probably do this with women all the time. You probably don't even remember my name?" I said "I approach quality women when I see them, besides you probably don't remember my name?" Immediately she said my name back to me. Shit I forgot her name. This seemed to piss her off because the name I did remember was not hers it was her friends. We continued to talk and an AMOG came into the set. "Don't I know you" he said to her. "I think we met before" she said. I cut this interaction off and say "how's it going bro." He puts his hand out I shake it firmly and say " good to meet you, you have a nice night." He is standing on my side and I turn to her and get close as hell to her face and continue the conversation as though he is not there. He chodes around for a minute and then leaves. I still think she is pissed though that I forgot her name so I just keep plowing. I told her that amoung other things I write poetry. Said some over the top poems to her, really crazy shit. She laughed alot but I could tell the interaction was still not as good as it was before I forgot her name. She got up to get a drink and instead of waiting for her to come back I followed this HB9 I saw and opened her on the other side of the venue. That one went okay but I didn't show enough intent. Did a bunch more approaches and even winged a little. I remember the chick who's name I forgot and went to find her. Her friend (the one who's name I did remember) was in the lobby and said that her friend just left. I said "good because I really wanted talk with you but I didn't want to be rude to your friend." Sat down next to her and put my arm around her. I figured I had run alot of game on these chicks earlier so I went to comfort building. "I am definatley attracted to you phsically but a man like me needs more than that. What are you passionate about?" She ate this up and talked about a bunch things she liked for a while. The place was about to close and I told her to come hang with us. She said that her other friend drove her (ugly freind) and she couldn't leave her. I number closed and met up with the guys outside. We recapped and got something to eat. Just so happened we were eating right across the street from where I was staying (Hilton). I did one last approach on some ugly chicks because I just wanted to pull. I went okay but my intent was not there because I was in know way attracted to them. Went back to my room and texted the chick I number closed and told her I hoped she made it home okay and then teased her about a joke I had made earlier in the night. Went to bed after that because I was tired as hell.

Day Three: (Day Game)

Woke up at 11:00 a.m. to a text from the girl from the night before. She thanked me for caring she got home okay and reffered to me as the hulk (guess all that time in the gym shows). Met up with Jeffy, Clinton and Greg at Union Square. I was feeling great. Did some warm up approachs and then started to really feel in state. It got to a point where I was approaching every woman that peaked my interest. Number closed 3 times and got great responses from most every woman I talked to. I thought to myself this is what nimbus must feel like. The day went by so fast. I was sad that this weekend was all over and really enjoyed every minute of it. Jeffy told me again that he really believed I could master this game and that was why he said on the first meeting that I could have aids in six months, because he could tell I was serious when I said I wanted to close tons of hot women. I left these guys about 7 p.m. and really felt that it was one the best experiences of my life. I would do it all over again in a heart beat. I went back to the hotel and called the chick from the night before. I really wanted to close that night but she was busy. Since then we have talked back and forth and I gonna hang with her on my next day off. I will let you guys know how it goes.


This weekend really changed the way I game. It has improved every part of my game and I am getting ready to do a 30 day challenge. At least 10 sets a day for thirty days. I am so serious about this that I am changing my schedule at work to make time to game everyday. Now I would like to get tons of infield experience and even find some wings to game with. Anyone in the bay area that wants to wing with me let me know, I'm always down for getting new chicks. A big thanks to Jeffy, Clinton and Greg for all the help.

Originally posted on RSD Nation. Reproduced with permission.
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