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"Ozzie London Bootcamp- July 24th - 26th 2009"

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Many breakthrough learning points, studying the game for 4 years but this bootcamp got breakthrough, social pressure exercises - Ozzie is a master at making you feel social pressure beyond any means you have felt before
The Bad
Some social pressure exercises are very embarrassing to do
Hey guys - took a bootcamp in London with Ozzie a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome! I know many of you reading this hear countless times that you have to take a bootcamp and it will really help you. Well, the reason I waited a few weeks to right this review / FR is due to the fact that I personally wanted to see how taking a bootcamp affected my game and general social skills. Although it has only been about 3 weeks, the results have spoken for themselves already.

My background was that I had been in the game for over 4 years now after taking a bootcamp with a very well known PUA in 2005. I started on indirect game back then, but on my own accord, found my success to be far greater when I was natural. However, I had a lot of issues throughout the years of using "my version of game." I had never really got to that rock star level of consistency based on tactics. Although I was using "natural" game for the past 2-3 years, it wasn't natural in the sense that I kept using tactics, although I wasn't using pickup lines. What do I mean by this? Well - I would communicate my real life's stories and what not, but everything throughout the pickup, from meet to sex, was based on a set of tactics that are oh so popular in this community. What this caused me to do was, as everyone says, put a band aid over my gaping wound of core confidence and self esteem. I considered woman to be of higher value and I had to use tactics and techniques to get them into bed and to keep them around.

This kind of horrible thought loop of endless tactics and techniques made me into an "advanced supplicator" and didn't inspire core confidence in me. As Ozzie showed me, I had a social self and a real self, where the social self was the act I put on to make people like me in fear of social rejection and embarrassment. My tactic based approach could get some women into bed (and very hot ones / celebrity / models), however, due to the fact that it was so tactic based, it wasn't really me. This would lead to MASSIVE inconsistency, coming from a position of scarcity, always qualifying myself to the girl even after I had slept with her, and a dizzying array of ego-inflating thought loops and behaviors.


So - then I met Ozzie and I could sense that this weekend would be a very memorable and educational one. It's funny, but on the way to the bootcamp, I saw a rainbow in the sky - I had not seen a rainbow in years was just freaky. I felt like this was supposed to happen - that every frustration and pickup related material or theory I had implemented in the past 4 years was a necessary signpost leading me to this bootcamp. This was it - the road to total and utter mastery.

I'm not going to go into detail about what we did throughout the seminar as it is detailed in many other spots - all I can say is that Ozzie is a master at making you feel social pressure beyond any means you have felt before. I'm a guy who has been doing pickup a long time as well as public speaking, and I felt such social pressure in certain drills that I couldn't even comprehend how I was going to go on. If you take this bootcamp, be prepared to destroy the chode in you. Rather, be prepared to have your chode self shot in the chest with a triple barrel shotgun from point blank range.

Anyway, let's get onto the FR:


We get to the club and run a body language drill that sets us up for projecting properly during the night. I went around just being social with everyone in the bar for a bit. Talked to some guy & girl mixed sets, girl-girl 2 sets, and all went well. The key to this was NON-REACTION SEEKING and NON-OUTCOME DEPENDENCE. Guys, this seems like such a simple concept, but when applied properly, you can see your results shoot through the roof. If you expect nothing out of other people, they won't expect anything out of you and you will both be on the receiving end of authentic communication - this AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION is your value to women as a man...hell as a man to a man. From human to human, if we all speak to each other authentically without ego, or agenda - it's truly a beautiful thing. This is something you have to experience first hand and cannot be put into words.
That's it - that is what people call "natural game" defined simply.

Another key - when you are "warmed up" and in a "non-reactive" state, everything just flows. You cannot run out of things to say, and even if you do, you can say whatever you want and it still works. I started talking about how I drooled sometimes when I slept and girls just laughed and thought it was cute without any drop in attraction (it actually increased). NON-REACTION SEEKING IS THE FREAKING KEY TO ALL PICKUP!

So, I approach a two set at the bar and using this authentic communication, I number close within about 5 minutes with the girl literally making sure she put her number in correctly a couple of times. Her friend kept dragging away, ah well. Very good interaction in the end and saw her looking at me throughout the night

Next, I go to wing the other student in a two set that seems to be going pretty well. Completely natural, non-reaction seeking, the set busts open for me and I'm getting physical with the girl in a couple of minutes. This Brazilian girl barely speaks any English and I had to talk very slow and clearly (like exaggerated) just so she could follow my conversation. Funny thing is, when your sub-communication is on, what you say is almost irrelevant. Imagine is as though you were speaking to Angelina Jolie - you wouldn't mind it even if she told you about how she took her dog for a walk that day and picked up its shit. That's what's happening with the girl, you are this super high value, non-reactive guy who is just chatting her and filling her with good emotions via authentic communication (you could call this the "vibe").

So, I move the girl to the bar because I want to get a glass of water and I'm clawing her. She's into it, so I bounce her in the club again upstairs, leading the entire time, and sit down on the couch. At this point, the other student seems to have lost the set and my targets girl joins us upstairs and I can see her attraction for me flaring up while I'm chatting the friend. Anyway, I go for the pull - I get to the point of grabbing a cab and the girls suddenly say they live just around the corner and have to go home. I take the number (very solid number) and that's the end of day 1.


Once again, we do some social pressure exercises before going out. Some of these exercises are just down right embarrassing you might say, but hey it definitely gets you into state and state gets you laid, so I just do it. We go to a pub before the actual club in order to be social and get going. I get in and immediately open a 2 set of MILFS. It's going well, but we're just being social so no game and I leave to do more sets. Ozzie pushes me to open guy / girl mixed sets and I have no problem with it as they all bust wide open. Both of these sets lasted 30 minutes or more with the guys basically choding themselves out and giving their power away to me. Once again, I was just being social, non-reactive seeking and everyone starts qualifying themselves. In my previous tactic based approaches, it seemed like I was always doing so many things, facing shit tests, knowing how to overcome them, and then kept on doing tactics - there's no authenticity in tactic based game and girls can sense this.

On to the club - one key thing I noticed is that when you have so much social pressure on you, your anxiety just goes away. I thought to myself, well I just made myself look like a complete idiot and I'm still hard can it be just to go up and chat with a girl and get physical with her.

So, we get into the club and Ozzie pushes me into a seated 6-set of all girls. No problem, I head over there and it opens with effortless ease. I'm sitting next to my target and I began to get really physical with her and am holding dead-locked eye contact with her, letting the tension build. I say to her friends that this is my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes and put my arm around her again, and they all start saying "Well why can't we be your girlfriends." Awesome stuff guys - total non-reactiveness gets other people reacting to the reality you dictate. I notice the fatty in the set and immediately engage her and get friendly with her. I decide to push the set and we move to the dance floor to dance. I'm getting physical with my girl and the other girls are totally into me as well. When I'm not dancing with my girl, I'm dancing with her brunette girlfriend and she is grabbing my hand and moving it down her stomach and legs - great stuff. My girl is getting hounded by a bunch of chodes, so I block the chodes out with my body language and they notice that I'm owning this set and don't approach anymore.

I had to piss like a racehorse so I went to the bathroom, came back, and the same chodes are all over my 6-set! I'm trying to fight them off and they keep coming in and out. Relentless these guys were. I try to ignore them and keep focusing on the girls but the dance floor is SO CHAOTIC - so I grab my girl and start grinding with her hardcore. She's into it for about 5 minutes when one of her friends drags her to the bathroom. So, I'm still there with the 4 remaining girls and dancing with the horny brunette from earlier just to stay in state. For about 30 minutes I do not see my girl and I go looking for her - NOTHING?!?! I literally could not find her.

Anyway, I find Ozzie and he corners me and says "You don't have to run anymore sets, you get it. That is it - what you've done...that's the game. Just run long sets and go for the pull whenever you go out and you will get a lot of pussy." I felt some relief - maybe I wasn't so far from my goal of abundance as I thought. I know I have it in me, and as Ozzie says, it's a matter of pushing the social self down and letting your brain access that higher self - that sexworthy guy - that guy THAT JUST FUCKING PULLS. We all have it in us, we just have to perform simple principles correctly and your brain will give you access to your true self.

I ran a couple more sets, just for fun really. All went well, but the club was closing. I was completely exhausted and my brain felt fried.

Guys, there are no words for this stuff, you just have to experience it. When you experience that higher self, you pull. That's it. That is the game.


1. You cannot control other people's behavior, only your own
2. Non-reaction seeking and non-outcome dependence is THE KEY to pickup
3. Simple principles applied correctly determine the outcome
4. Be process oriented, not outcome oriented
5. Don't have unrealistic expectations of yourself or others
6. Don't worry about that which is not in your control

What I experienced - that was it - that was the game. Now it's just a matter of making that game a part of my true self.

Thank you so much Ozzie for an unforgettable experience.

Source: Originally posted on RSDNation
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