Natural Workshop 1on1   

Natural Workshop 1on1
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Coaching Program No Longer Running.

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Coaching Program Information

In this workshop, skilled coaches take you on a journey that will help uncover your hidden qualities, as well as your fears and lead you to take the first (or next) steps on your path to self mastery and to success with women.

  • Meeting Women
  • Lifestyle & Social Skills
Experience Level(s):

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Learning Format:
Coaching & Mentoring
- 1-on-1 Personal Coaching
The Natural
Release Date:
January 01, 2008
Product No Longer Available.
Available in Following Cities:
London (UK) • Melbourne (Australia) • Sydney (Austra


If you have a question or problem, ask us:

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Client appraisal and development training:
- Intensive personal appraisal
- Physical presentation and body image
- Speech delivery, mental and physical exercises
- Self-hypnosis, NLP and cutting edge personal change technologies

Attraction strategies and relationship skills:
- Body language, posture and gesture
- Conversational skills and strategies
- How to approach strangers alone or in groups and win them over
- Avoiding common mistakes
- Getting phone numbers
- Escalating a physical relationship
- Unique and dynamic dating
- Successful relationships

Role play exercises:
- Initial approach
- Social touching
- Tackling group dynamics
- Flirtatious conversation

Live social interactions:
- Approaching women
- Initiating exciting conversations

Tailored approach:
- Final stage physical escalation
- Negotiating healthy sexual relationships
- Alternative lifestyle choices such as multiple ethical relationships

What You Get:

Personally tailored one on one weekend intensive workshop

Guarantee / Terms:

Workshop Timings:

Friday 9pm

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