Masterclass Revolution 

Masterclass Revolution
Dating Company: The Natural | Dating Coaches: James MarshallJess DalyLiam McRaeShae Mathews
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Product Information

This training is a 6-week intensive live training intended to teach you how to become a natural seducer and confident man.

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women
  • Inner Game & Confidence
Experience Level(s):

Learning Format:
Dating Conferences & Seminars
- Seminar
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
James MarshallJess DalyLiam McRaeShae Mathews
The Natural
July 09, 2011 -
August 12, 2011
Conference Finished.
Available in Following Cities:
Melbourne (Australia)


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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Natural Seduction
- Approaching and opening
- Connecting emotionally and creating rapport
- Becoming a skilled conversationalist
- Qualifying
- Flirting
- Closing –
- Dating/Day 2’s
- Pressure/Release
- High vs. Low energy approaches
- Day game/Night game variations
- Touch escalation
- Logistics
- End game
- Overcoming resistance and objections
- Dealing with male competitors
- Seductive Economy
- Intent

Inner game
- Smart goal setting and self accountability systems
- NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
- Belief change
- Meditation
- State control
- Overcoming approach anxiety & general fears around women
- Super charging your confidence
- Developing masculinity
- Building lifetime success

Advanced topics
- Style
- Sex
- Lifestyle Design
- Posture and body language

What You Get:

6 Weeks Training

Guarantee / Terms:

- Prices are in Australian Dollar (AUD)
- AU $250 deposit required to reserve seat

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