Contrary to what most men believe in, meeting women is actually not as difficult as what you think. If you know how to pick up women smoothly, it becomes effortless. The truth is that guys who learn the basics of pick up artistry and practice it soon begin to approach and get phone numbers of women pretty much anywhere.

It is natural for every man to feel anxious when talking to a beautiful lady. The truth is, some men just feel the fear and do it anyway. I'm about to give you some time tested tips that have been practiced by hundreds of men and we know them to be effective.  

Follow these basic rules on how to pick up women to get a kick start in the right direction:

  • 1. Avoid giving out immediate compliments. Compliments flatter a women but unfortunately most women get flattered all the time. Especially the beautiful ones, and so compliments don't come across as sincere AND just place you in the long line of men who gave her the same compliment. So don't pull out the  you-look-beautiful-tonight line. Clichés don't work these days. Women want to hear something new. Reserve your compliments for when you know something specific about her that you like. Keep it friendly and natural and wait to show appreciation when it will differentiate you and reveal that you actually listen to her and see beyond what every other man sees.  
  • 2. Find out what interests her. The key to a flowing conversation is finding a common interest. Avoid common questions. Instead of asking her about her favorite hobby or sports, you can talk about her drink or maybe even her mobile phone. A conversation that starts with something as simple as Blackberry as a topic can lead to mobile tweeting, the convenience that it gives her, Blackberry vs. iPhone, and many other interesting topics.
  • 3. Stop worrying too much about the outcome and enjoy every minute of your conversation. The reason why a lot of men get very nervous to talk to women is because he thinks of her as a future girlfriend. Yes, there was a reason why you ask her – you are attracted to her and you are entertaining the idea of asking her to be your girlfriend in the long run. However, this mindset can get you into serious trouble. The thought of asking a woman out for a date can be very daunting. To avoid this situation, start with a friendly conversation. Keep it friendly, fun, and engaging. 
  • 4. Build attraction by being attracted. You do not give away everything about you or your intentions on the first conversation. However, it helps if you give her a hint that you are attracted to her. Revealing signs that you are interested in her are eye contact that is held longer, closer physical proximity, light and playful touching when you are joking around. All of these will let her feel your attraction subtly and will help her to feel comfortable feeling it also. 
  • 5. Be playful and humorous. Women will always adore men who know how to make them laugh and to be playful with them. Think not too serious, the number one fault of most men when it comes to attracting women. If you are not naturally funny, do not try too hard. Learn some specific ways to tease and be playful with women and use those.

There are a wide range of tips that you can use to pick up the woman that you like. It is very important that you stay as yourself and relaxed when talking to women. This will allow your personality to shine through. By being yourself, women will notice you more.