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To kick start your journey to dating mastery we've put together a package of the best Dating Advice for Men in an email newsletter (DSR Dating Gold) and a Manual (the Fast Track Dating Manual).

These are both:

1. COST FREE as in won't cost you so much as a cent
2. Marketing FREE as in you won't receive any communication that is selling you something

It's just part of the overall Dating Skills Review service. You'll get pure content. And the package contains some of the most useful dating advice for men we've found over 8 years in the business!

The DSR Dating Gold Newsletter
One Short, Gold Piece of Advice in your Inbox Daily

By signing up to our DSR Dating Gold Newsletter you will get a daily email with one brief (normally two paragraphs) piece of dating advice. This isn't just standard dating advice either. We call it GOLD, because it is a piece of advice we found to be EXCELLENT amongst all the dating advice for guys products we've reviewed.

So it is basically, the best of the best content that exists. All you have to do is read the advice each day, absorb it and go about applying the little nuggets one by one to your life.

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The Fast Track Dating Manual
7 Rules to Get Good with Women in Months, Not Years

The most frequent question we get asked is "How do I learn to get successful with women as fast as possible?

Guys just don't like to spend years learning to get good with women it seems. Very understandable.

The problem is that many guys do spend a year to many years learning to get good with women. This used to be a surprise to us, and we didn't really understand how it was possible with all the good dating advice out there. Were they using the wrong dating advice? Or was it something else?

Fortunately we used to coach students personally, and have been in the business for a long time - so we knew what big errors 'hard learners' and 'slow learners' make when they're learning to master dating. We compiled these with some recommendations on how to solve them in the Fast Track Dating Manual, which is FREE to download.

You can download the Fast Track Dating Manual (in PDF format) from the page that follows after your sign up to DSR Dating Gold.

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