Basic Seduction Training   

Basic Seduction Training
Dating Company: Seduce Your Life | Dating Coaches: Maciej Moroz (Merlin)PraulerRetSensei
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Coaching Program Information

Understanding what women really want and how to be more attractive towards them.

  • Attracting Women
  • Relationship Skills
  • Lifestyle & Social Skills
Experience Level(s):

Learning Format:
Coaching & Mentoring
- Ongoing Seminar
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Maciej Moroz (Merlin)PraulerRetSensei
Seduce Your Life
Release Date:
January 01, 2006
Product No Longer Available.
Available in Following Cities:
Wroclaw (Poland)


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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

1st Your beliefs and their impact on the seduction of women.
- What are beliefs and how they affect your ability to seduce women.
- Analyze your beliefs and were told by your surroundings. (So-called Social Programming)
- Make changes in exercise beliefs, you can free yourself from negative influences of the past.

2nd Obstacles on the way for a successful seduction.
- What is an effective science of seduction.
- How to deal with fear of failure.
- How to get rid of stress before the approach to women. (Called Excusy and Approach Anxiety)

3rd What do you want and what are your goals in undermining?
- What do you want to achieve? Is sex a lot, build a relationship, save the current, become more sociable ...?
- How to turn goals into action. What strategies to adopt goals and give momentum to its own development?

4th Your body language.
- How important is your body language. How to balance it, to be sure of yourself, but do not warp.
- How body language can affect your mood.
- Creating your own, consistent with you body language.
- The importance of pronunciation and tone of voice.

5th Ways of 'defense' of women from unwanted adoratorami.
- How can you understand the world of beautiful women and their reactions.
- Why women are unaffordable, and how it works. (Called bitchshield.)
- How to break through the woman's behavior unavailable. (Called Negi and DPO.)
- As a woman checks the men. (Known as Shit-tests and dealing with them.)
- Why does a woman behaves differently in the company, and otherwise left alone with a woman. (So-called - Anti-Slut Defense)

6th Model Seduction, by which people unconsciously seducing each other.
- Where to start pick-up women.
- Intermediate stages of seduction.
- Gradual learning as evidence of seduction.

7th Start a conversation with a woman or group of people.
- Universal lyrics to start conversation. (The openers)
- Types and examples of openers.
- How do I make talk with the person responded positively and wanted to talk. (So-called zegarynka)

8th How to know if a woman is interested?
- What are the indicators of interest and lack of interest? (The IOI and IOD)
- Their examples and how to track and exploit.

9th Transitions from zagadania to the rest of grooming and conversation.
- How can I tell whether a newly learned people already accept you and want to talk to you. (The starting point)
- How do I go from zagadania for further talks. (Called transitions)
- How to hold a conversation that never ended (the so called hooks, and multithreading)
- What to do to call is dynamic and ever-intymniejsza. (So-called escalation and stack)
- On what topics to talk to a woman to engage in conversation and pick up energy?

10th How do I make the woman behind you chasing?
- What are the techniques of negative and DPO?
- How does the teasing and how to do it, so as not to warp?
- What are the theories of random coil and withdrawal cat bait?

11th Touching a woman as a way to build relationships and comfort.
- What is the escalation of touch and how to apply it?
- What to do to overcome their barriers and women against contact?
- How to balance the feel that it is not invasive, but the builders?
- When, how long, where and how intensively to touch?
- Embedding technique touch as a natural part of interaction.

12th Kiss.
- What is the attitude of women for kisses and kissing?
- How to recognize the readiness of women to kiss?
- How smoothly and result in contact with your mouth?

13th Different types of closure and continuing relationship.
- How do I make sure to meet later undermined the club girl?
- What kind of contact to choose - pros and cons of each type of contact. (Known as Number Close Close Mail, AOL Close)
- How can a woman take contact?
- The impact of logistics on the acquisition of contact.
- How to behave when meeting a number of girls to increase their effectiveness.

14th How to become a star of the bar, club, work, party ...
- What are the causes and sources of social shyness, or locks?
- How to deal with shyness and get rid of the restrictions on the seduction?
- What are the tools to conquer your emotional state in order to better seduce women?

15th Effect of image and appearance of your results.
- How do I look through it to show who you are and what traits do you have?
- What matter is your clothes and how it can help you with the original, unobtrusive appearance? (The glitter)
- How to take care of your body and personal hygiene to be an attractive, yet not overdo it?
- Selection of clothing for body type, appearance and character.
- The use of stylistic tricks to hide its drawbacks and highlight the pros.

16th How to build your value by preserving a woman's eyes?
- How can I make to have a higher social status? (So-called Social Proof)
- How body language convey your value? (So-called Body-Rocking and Peck et al)
- What to say and how to prove their value and do not fall into the trap of boasting? (The DHV and DHV Story)
- What not to say, and how not to behave so as not to lower its value? (So-called DLV)
- What can I do to at once in one woman's moment to show how valuable I am? (So-called Instant Value Display)
- What are the tests Cohesion, which carries a woman during the seduction and how to deal with them?
- How to encourage women to make more of you tried? (So-called False Eligibility and disqualification)
- How to lead and establish a frame of relations and not to impose a role? (So-called HOOPY)
- What is False Evidence Interests and Lack of Interest and what are they? How to use it for their own benefit?
- How to make a woman more emotionally zaanagażowała in seduction? (Delivery method called. Denial)

17th How to emanate its character and form a circle around them interest?
- What to do to become a generally recognized and popular person?
- How to become a party?

18th Your sense of humor.
- What is the significance of humor in relationships?
- How does the joke that did not shoot himself in the knee, but the win over the people and make grooming fun?

19th How to seduce women, when they are in a group of your friends?
- How to build a position in the fast group and be the most attractive man? (Known as Lean Back and Leading)
- How can your friend can help you in the seduction, and you him? (The leaf)
As the other Skrzydłować, which follow the rules and what mistakes to avoid?
- How to present a winger, to be able to help you, and you him?
- How do women initiate contact with a man? (So-called Proximity Alert and Approach Invitation)
- How quickly you should approach a group of persons to be most effective? (So-called Rule 3 Seconds)
- What to do to quickly establish a deep contact with a group of people? (The calibration level and type of energy)
- How to make your knowledge and techniques of absolutely natural part of yourself? (So-called calibrated to each other and internalization)
- How to hook a group of people that they wanted to talk to you and hang out? (Called Lock-In)
- How to memorize the names of newly-learned people? (Called mnemonics)
- Behave as if picking up girls with a friend, a few friends, or in groups of male-female?
- What should be done to successfully make contact and seduce women in the group sitting or reaching somewhere?

20th Using the phone in seducing women.
- Can a woman directly communicate the purpose and intention of contact?
- How to keep calling to women to not feel the solicited?
- How long does a woman call and what times to increase the chance of meeting?

21st Sexual Freedom.
- What women have the attitude to sex and what drives them?
- How to build a woman's sense of comfort and security, to be sure that you want to go to bed?
- How to increase your effectiveness in the direction of sexual seduction.

22nd How to build a strong sense of comfort when seducing women?
- How to make over tens of minutes to call a woman a sense of 'we know each other for years'?
- What are the methods of deepening emotional bond during the pickup?

23rd How to build a sexual relationship, where everything is absolutely clear?
- How to make a note of sexuality to the relationship with a woman seduced? (So-called sexual escalation)
- What is the principle of "escalate non-stop" and how it can increase the amount of closure?
- What if the encounters resistance at any time of seduction?

24th Touch as a way to escalate further and enter the level of relationship.
- How smoothly and naturally escalate physical contact?
- What is the natural feel and how it happens by accident?
- Testing the susceptibility of women to touch.
- How do feel stronger, but I invasive? (Called windows mobile cinema and escalation)

25th How to develop yourself inside?
- Who is the Alpha male and what is the meaning of what is going on inside you for seducing women?
- Examples of the Alpha Male in the media and the press. What are the ideals of lovers, where women want?
- How to develop the features of the Alpha Males, and learn from others of being a true seducer?

What You Get:

- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Class

- Additional Friday and Saturday practice for 4 hours

- Summary and general comments after each session

Guarantee / Terms:

Three students limit for one coach

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