3rd Annual Worthy Playboy Lifestyle Induction Workshop 

3rd Annual Worthy Playboy Lifestyle Induction Workshop
Dating Company: The Worthy Playboy Institute | Dating Coach: Johnny Soporno
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Product Information

The 3rd Annual Worthy Playboy Lifestyle Induction Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada consists of two separate parts. The first part of your week kicks-off with an intensive lifestyle immersion including over 30 hours of jump-start training by some of the wisest, coolest, and most knowledgeable gurus in the field.

The second half of this ultimate lifestyle makeover involves super-exclusive access to adult industry conventions and parties that most men never even know exist.

  • Female Psychology
  • Masculine Sexuality & Sexual Skills
  • Inner Game & Confidence
  • Lifestyle & Social Skills
Experience Level(s):

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Learning Format:
Dating Conferences & Seminars
- Single Company Conference
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Johnny Soporno
January 04, 2010 -
January 10, 2010
Conference Finished.
Available in Following Cities:
Las Vegas (US)


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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Part 1: The Worthy Playboy Inner-Game Workshop (January 4th-7th)

- How to free yourself from the gripping constraints of peer-pressure (Hint – This is no mere childhood issue…it is much more profound than you could possibly imagine)

- How to quickly liberate yourself from the anxiety of not knowing and empower yourself to learn new things, without compunction, shame, or fear standing in your way

- How to emancipate yourself from the belief that strangers' opinions matter

- How to 'reframe' any conversation to ensure your message is getting through

Part 2: Adult Expo Intensive In-Field Training (January 7th-10th)

- After you’ve been enlightened (and your world view has been reframed) by 4 non-stop days of direct coaching, you get to take action...with absolutely nothing to fear

- Implement your brand spankin' new insights with a power-house of experienced (and talented) coaches behind you – ensuring a level of success with women you’ve only dreamed of

- You will spend 3 more days and nights at the largest (and possibly last!) adult entertainment convention of this type - testing and polishing your new skills - alongside dozens of professional coaches guiding you every step of the way

- You will receive the following:
,An all-access badge to the Adult Entertainment Expo (fans.adultentertainment.com) where you can immediately hone your skills with any porn star – out of hundreds in attendance - with our expert crew to provid on-the-spot coaching support

,Exclusive VIP passes to almost every adult industry nightclub party in town - all week long – and party with the biggest names in adult entertainment

- Plus - Special "industry insider" coaching from multiple world-renowned porn stars - some so famous we can’t mention their names - revealing hard-to-believe insights into women that you could never find anywhere else

What You Get:

3-Day Seminar, In-Field Coaching/Winging, Accommodations, and VIP Event Access

1. Register for "The Adult-Expo Weekend", January 7th-10th 2010 for $1,997.
2. Register for the 7-day Seminar at $3,997.
3. Pay upfront (10% discount) for the 7-day Seminar at $3,597.

#1 - Full 7-day luxury resort accommodations in Las Vegas
#2 - Exclusive “Handheld” version of Seductive Reasoning

Guarantee / Terms:

100% Full Refund

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