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Window Shopping for Women System (WS4W System)

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Product Information

Window Shopping for Women uses a proprietary stealth attraction system that's taken us years to develop and perfect. We call it The AIM Method: It's the 3 stages in the process of bringing a girl from the online world to your front door. The AIM Method allows you to attract the women you want, on demand, without even having to leave your house to do it. When you use The AIM Method you can literally "window shop" for the perfect woman.

Dating Skillset:
Approaching Women•Attracting Women
Dating Company:
Window Shopping For Women
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Dating Coach/ Author:
Eric (WS4W)Kelly (WS4W)Race de Priest

Learning Format:
eBook•Download (Audio)•Download (Video)
Product No Longer Available.
Release Date:
January 01, 2008
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Online Dating

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Window Shopping for Women Training Manual:
- What to say to guarantee she'll write back
- Role-playing and how to make a girl want to jump through the computer to get you
- Passing "Tests" that girls unconsciously give you
- Exactly how to get her number every time
- Sending psychological triggers through text
- "Magically" making her want to go on a date with you
- Add a special element to your profile that will drive women crazy

24/7 Insider's Club Membership:
- All of the new techniques and tactics as they are developed
- Leverage new tools we build
- Get support from not only the Creators of this phenomenal System, but also all of the other guys who are using The AIM Method

30-Minute Audio Quick Start Guide:
- Set up a million dollar profile that women will drool over for hours
- Send out messages to girls you don't know that'll make them laugh and
respond every time
- Create attraction out of thin air
- And do it all virtually, while you chill and do whatever you want

Mastery Video Series:
- How to turn your profile into your virtual PR Agent
- How to send out messages that have been proven to get a response
- Skipping through the "waste of time" profiles and discovering the perfect women
- Spotting fake profiles from a mile away... In the dark
- Knowing how to take the conversation to a sexual level
- Re-connecting with girls that have "fallen off the map"
- Passing every girl's "Tests"
- How to make getting her number and meeting her in real life a piece of cake

Window Shopping for Women Audiobook:
- Learn these kick ass techniques while you're at the gym working out
- Remember more concepts through Auditory Learning
- Learn how to be "rejection proof"... while you're driving your car
- Get through all of the manual without killing your eyes

Interaction Map:
- You're actually in the middle of an interaction with a girl and you want to know the next step
- Something goes wrong and she stops responding (you're going to want to know what happened!)
- You want a refresher without having to thumb through the whole manual
- You want to see the system from start to finish

What You Get:

- Window Shopping for Women Training Manual
- Mastery Video Series
- 30-Minute Quick Start Guide
- 24/7 Insider's Club Membership
- Window Shopping for Women Audiobook

- Interaction Map
- Race and Kelly's Hidden Training Notes
- David DeAngelo Never Before Released Report
- Never Before Released Steve Little Report
- Insane Muscle Gain Rep

Guarantee / Terms:

You will not be billed for the product until 7 days after you have downloaded or received it.

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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful

"This Book will Rock Your Socks Off"

ok for everyone who has been having trouble with online game I have found the solution!!!

Window Shopping for Women in my opinion is the bible for online facebook and myspace game. It is in my opinion undoubtably one of the greatest advancements in this field of your game.

Window Shopping for women is written by two men Race and Kelly who clearly know what they are doing. I had pretty much zero success with online game, even though i searched different forums for advice almost and every interaction i had online ended dead in the water. I simply used one of the openers they used from their website before i read the book and had one of the greatest online responses i have ever gotten. And actually met the girl in person using a few lines from their website as well not even their book.

This book tells all you need to know to be an online pimp, from shit like pictures, openers, backgrounds, even what to say if you get called out on using the same line!!

I do not think there is any other product out on the market that can hold a candle to this e-book. Over the last few days i have been improving my profile and send a shitload of openers to girls online and have already met with two chicks (it's only been a week and a half) and talking to a shitload of other girl while getting great response.

Simply put this [stuff] works!!!

Race and Kelly i salute the two of you for creating a product that helped take my game to a new level. This shit is great i reccommend it to everyone who needs help, or wants to start and see results on their online game!!

P.S. I am not exaggerating in the slightest bit, this book will rock your socks off, its cooler than the other side of the pillow, and it's gonna get you meeting girls online.
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Midnight Tornado Reviewed by
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"VERY Good but not Amazing.. "

.. its VERY good but not amazing..

after using some of this stuff.. got a lot more replies.. but some of the follow-up tactics are not really that great working (only critical side-note)
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gabrieldutchie Reviewed by
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