Ultimate Unlimited Lifetime Power and Success with Women System

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Ultimate Unlimited  Lifetime Power and Success with Women System

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The "Ultimate Unlimited Lifetime Power and Success with Women System" by John Alanis provides a step by step instructions on how to build confidence, how to approach women, and how to create instant attraction.

Dating Skillset:
Approaching Women•Attracting Women
Dating Company:
Art of Steel, Inc.
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Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
John Alanis

Learning Format:
CD (Audio)
Price: $297.00 - $697.00

depending on product features/ proposition purchased.
Release Date:
January 01, 2010

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- How to determine (in five minutes or less) what type of relationship is “right for you”
- How to never get your heart broken again
- The “dream lover secret”
- Specific, easy to use strategies for designing and building “automatic attraction” systems
- How to overcome a woman’s inevitable testing and “BS”
- Discover exactly what to do (step by step) to turn her from “just friends” to your screaming hot lover
- Do you have an “ex” you’d like to get back?
- How to meet a truly special woman who makes every part of your life brighter
- How to avoid the gold-diggers, psycho-paths and outright women
- How to walk into a bar, club, party or any other social gathering
- How to vanquish lesser men who try to steal what is rightfully yours.
- how to get the hottest girl any time, any place, no matter the situation
- How to be a hero to your friends and a legend to your enemies when it comes to success with women
- How to quickly get a woman into bed
- how get beautiful women to write you, desperate to meet you in person
- How to create the perfect “adventure partner relationship”
- two secrets that prevent any woman from ever “friending” you again
- Are you sick of the whole dating game?
- How to win the undying devotion of every woman in your life
- how to get them to flock to you no matter your looks, age or income.
- Does a woman you lust after have a “boyfriend?”
- How to get her to do anything (and I mean anything) sexually for you
- How to never, ever be “dumped” again
- how to unlock the secrets of “supreme confidence.”
- Are you a shy guy?
- Do you ever feel tongue-tied when you first meet a woman?

What You Get:

BASIC SYSTEM: $297 - $497* (shipping and handling not included)
- 11 CD Audio course with Fast Start CD
- Shelley's "First in Her Mind" System (optional)*

Bonus Items:
- How to Get fit fast with Matt Furey (CD)
- How to Make Her Fall in Love With You and Stay Devoted for Life (CD)
- Entire Transcript of Course and Bonus CD’s

DELUXE SYSTEM: $497 - $697* (shipping and handling not included)
- The entire Basic System
- 3 CD “Ultimate Attraction System: Secrets of Using the Internet to Meet the Women You Desire Instantly”
- Shelley's "First in Her Mind" System (optional)*

Bonus Items:
- “Secrets of Easy and Effortless Conversation”
- “How to Get Desirable Women to Approach You in Specific Situations—Gyms, Bars, Nightclubs, etc”
- Transcript of Deluxe System
- Thirty Minute Personal One on One Phone Consultation with John Alanis
- Online Profile Critique by John Alanis

Guarantee / Terms:

1 Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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