The Power of Being Asian: Overwhelming Attractiveness and Confidence

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The Power of Being Asian: Overwhelming Attractiveness and Confidence

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David Tian sold the Power of Being Asian course to John Tan in mid 2010. John closed down the program in 2011.

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Product Information

The "The Power of Being Asian: Overwhelming Attractiveness and Confidence" is a multimedia course that aims to help Asian Men to meet, attract, and date Asian women. This will provide you with the ideas on how to have a lasting change and how to become an authentically attractive, confident Asian man.

Dating Skillset:
Approaching Women
Dating Company:
Aura Dating Academy
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
David Tian (Asian Rake)

Learning Format:
Online Access
Product No Longer Available.
Release Date:
July 16, 2010

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- the “contrast principle” that’s at the root of every single attractive Asian man’s ability to date outside his race
- the difference between artificial game, and genuine game, and exactly why the former looks like a cheap screen door to women
- the two-step process that every man with genuine confidence and game must go through
- why the alpha Asian FOB has more success with women than the ABA or ABC
- the dead giveaway of “amateurs” who try to pass themselves off as confident
- the one thing that you must embrace in order to overcome past failures and regrets. fail to do this and you will forever have a “black hole” of doubt that will seep your confidence day by day
- the one thing that every man who’s successful with women has
- two “death traps” that Asian men encounter when they’re working to become more attractive to women, and why you must avoid them (and how)
- the key distinctions between how you think about attractiveness, and how women think about it
- the exact path that I took to go from chump to champ, and the one thing I did at the very beginning that got me supernaturally good in under six months
- what I do to always get the girl when I’m up against a rich, socially-connected Asian man
- where your true power comes from
- how to turn the liabilities of your personality into strengths that women absolutely love
- one totally counter-intuitive thing you can do for an instant confidence boost
- how to balance being exotic with being relatable
- how to develop actual instincts with women
- why Buddha got it right when it came to the root of all confidence
- why it’s not important to be a tall, strikingly handsome man, and what’s actually more important
- the best-kept secret in the “seduction community.”
- detailed character breakdowns of Asian men who have achieved universal attractiveness
- the two most important things I’ve taught every client.
- why it’s impossible to “fake” good body language, and what you must do to have naturally confident body language
- the “attraction mindset” that provides me with unshakeable confidence and unbreakable game whenever I walk into a club or bar
- five “tricks” I’ve learned to use whenever I’m feeling nervous or socially anxious

What You Get:

The Power of Being Asian System

Bonus Items:
- East Meets West - Asian Rake interview
- first month of "Rise Up" membership program (will be rebilled for $49.97 for the next 11 months if you want to stay subscribed)

Guarantee / Terms:

365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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