The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them

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The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them

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W. Anton created this manual as a guide to getting girls and understanding women. It helps men to develop a natural ability to be good with women by understanding what they are attracted to, and a focus on natural attraction.

It also explains why men think women are attracted to things such as money and why women “play hard to get”.

The book addresses basic beliefs and mindset in order to help men think and behave correctly around women. It teaches you how to unlock your true potential and exhibit the real you.

Dating Skillset:
Approaching Women•Attracting Women
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Dating Coach/ Author:
W. Anton

Learning Format:
Price: $10.29 - $26.95

depending on product features/ proposition purchased.
Release Date:
December 23, 2010

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Part 1: The Mindset
- Attraction
- Socialization
- Seduction

Part 2: The Manners
- Confidence
- Charm
- Responsibility

Part 3: The Message
- Conversation
- Body Language
- Style

Part 4: The Method
- The Location
- The Woman
- The Approach
- The Number
- The Call
- The Date
- The Kiss
- The Sex
- The Relationship

What You Get:

Kindle or paperback book

Guarantee / Terms:

Amazon - Returns accepted within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful

"Probably THE best dating book EVER on confidence"

I've been waiting for some time for DSR to add this book to their catalog, and I remember emailing them a months ago to write a review on this book.
Because since I read it in the beginning of this year it has instantly become one of my TOP PICKS for any man looking to get good with women FAST. This book was good enough for me to write a review about on Amazon, you can find it below.

Keep in mind that I wrote that review for the general public. For guys more familiar with dating material, know that this is the one and only resource you'll ever need to get your confidence to where it needs to be. For advice on specific outer game I have to refer you to the Daygame Blueprint by Daygame or the Advanced Dating Strategies bij DHW.

I'm really curious about a review done by the DSR guys, and I've requested them to review this book. One of the BEST BOOKS THERE IS!

Here's my review on Amazon:

Those who have seen the movie 'The Tourist' starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, probably remember the train scene where the two meet for the first time.
Depp plays a seemingly very apologetic man (Frank) and Jolie a very attractive and elegant woman (Elise) as she has her reasons to make contact with Frank. She spots him as she walks through the railcar, sits down right across him and looks him straight in his eyes as he quickly closes his book and stops smoking

Frank: I'm sorry
Elise: What for?
An awkward silence follows and Frank laughs uncomfortably
Frank: Mind me smoking? It's not a real sigarette blablabla (explanatory nonsense)
Elise: That's somewhat disappointing
Frank: Would you rather have me smoking for real?
Elise: I would rather you'd be a man who did exactly as he pleased...... I'm Elise
Frank: I'm Frank
(the conversation continues until Elise suggests something
Elise: Ask me to dinner frank
Frank: What? .... Okay...Would you like to have dinner?
Elise: Women don't like questions.
Frank: Join me for dinner
Elise: Too demanding
Frank: Join me for dinner?
Elise: Another question
Frank: ....I'm having dinner, if you'd care to join me
Elise smiles and accepts

Even though most hollywood movies dramatically misrepresent what women want in men, this scene brilliantly paints what women truly desire in men. And reading this book directly reminded me of this scene. If you want to become the type of man that Jolie describes in this scene, than this book will show you how to become that exact man. No gimmicks, no tricks, no scripts, no bs, only what's truly necessary to understand. What women want is not that complicated, you just have to be presented the right information.

I've become very successful with women myself through some critical self improvement, but I still like to read books like these from time to time. And this book has instantly become part of my top three books I'd recommend to any man looking to improve his dating life (the other two being How to Become an Alpha Male: Attract Women and Become Successful at Seduction and Models: A Comprehensive Guide to Attracting Women)

In this day and age so much dating advice equals a lot of clutter to go through just to get some useful information that will truly help. I've absorbed about all I could get my hands on. From pickup advice to advice by self proclaimed naturals to advice by female dating coaches, I've even taken two live courses by two different dating companies. So take it from a guy who knows what he is talking about. If there is a book that you should read, if you want the answer to what women want, if you want to learn how to be a real man that women can appreciate, then this is the book for you.

As for those writing skeptical reviews about this book without actually having read it and to those who are in doubt about the credibility of this book, I didn't get paid for this, I've also reviewed another book on here some time ago and I'm being honest with you when I tell you that you'll truly get your moneys worth out of this one.

Big ups to W. Anton for putting in the time and effort to create this masterpiece.
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Reviewed byXX
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5 of 15 people found the following review helpful

"This book really needs to go extinct. "

If you want advice on how to perpetuate the out-dated mentality of how "men should be men" and women "should not speak until spoken to," you don't need this book. Just go have a beer with with your creepy uncle!

The philosophy in this book is to never dress or act in an effeminate manner and to always be selfish and be alpha at all times. He literally likens a woman wearing a scarf to a "pet on a leash."

If this were some universal truth, why then aren't hairy knuckled, blue collar, lunks stripping rock stars of their women with the greatest of ease? Because they are boring! That's why.

Come to think of it, why am I having such a tough time finding infield videos of W. Anton as he demonstrates his ground breaking ideas that being a chauvinist pig is the way to woman's heart. That's not confidence, that's what psychologists would classify as the "Grandiosity Complex" -- putting others down as a way of out-running your own feelings of depression or insecurity.

True confidence is based on having deep feelings of self-worth. A lot of that just comes with life experience but sometimes you just have to believe in yourself for no other reason than "just because." Just shut the f**k up and trust yourself. You're welcome!

"Pretending to be confident" as this author would suggest you do, will only result in incongruent body language that women can spot from a mile away. As inferior as W. Anton would have you believe women are, their ability to pick up on non-verbal social cues blows men completely out of the water! And if they smell bullshit, they will "next" your ass in a heartbeat! This is one on many examples of how reading this book will do your game more harm than good!

I do agree with the idea that all good books on pick up should be rooted in solid theories of evolutionary biology, as this one is, but at the same time, most of this book simply reads as a dumbed down knock-off of the Red Queen.

Matt Ridley, the author of the Red Queen has this to say: "choosiness of human beings in picking their mates has driven the human mind into a history of frenzied expansion for no reason, except that wit, virtuousity, inventiveness and individuality turn other people on."

In other words the secret to attracting women is not about being selfish or alpha or always sitting back with your legs spread to convey cockiness, you just need to become an interesting guy.

In short, although rooted in evolutionary biology, this book really needs to go extinct.
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Reviewed byXX
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