The Bad Boy Blueprint

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The Bad Boy Blueprint

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Product Information

The bad boy blueprint is developed, tested, tweaked and perfected a set of skills that are designed to penetrate a woman's barriers and make her feel undeniable sexual attraction.

Bonuses include:

- Going Under the Wire
- Alpha Transformation
- The Boyfriend Annihilator Method
- Advanced Influence & Persuasion Methods
- The Little Black Book of Openers

Dating Skillset:
Attracting Women•Sexual Skills•Inner Game/ Confidence
Dating Company:
MACK Tactics
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Dean Cortez

Learning Format:
Price: $67.00
Release Date:
May 08, 2008

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- How to project animal magnetism
- How to shut down competing jerks
- Discarding negative badboy traits
- Tactics for burying your boring side
- Adding a mysterious vibe to your character
- How bad boys handle women drama
- Overcoming a woman’s tests
- Understanding why women say they want a “nice guy”
- The difference between bad boys and players
- The 21 core seductive traits of the bad boy
- A 7-step action plan for duplicating bad boy success
- Secrets of Advanced Conversation Control
- Give women addictive, intense emotional experiences
- Get women to validate themselves to you, respectfully
- How to display your raw, masculine, sexual power to women
- Reasons women are subconsciously attracted to bad boys
- Knowing when you are going too far as a bad boy
- How to avoid being labeled the "friends only" guy
- “Nice guy" qualities that lead to failure with women
- 11 essential traits of the bad boy to boost your sexual success
- Deep psychological buttons to drive women crazy with desire
- How to authentically use project bad boy confidence in an authentic way
- How to be fun, social, connected, and the center of social scene attention
- Using healthy, positive, and empowering qualities to enhance your lifestyle
- Why trying to be friends with women first ruins your chances of getting laid
- How to eliminate “nice guy” softness to speak your mind and be respected
- How bad boys maintains a calm exterior when approaching and meeting women
- Secrets of Alpha Male Confidence to stay in a zone of confidence and coolness
- Handling guys who try to make a fool out of you, without confrontation or ruining the social scene

What You Get:

ebook and audio course

Guarantee / Terms:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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