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Sonic Seduction

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Product Information

The product is for guys who want to generate attraction instantly and get her to be physically and emotionally addicted to them. Sonic Seduction is a guide set covering 16 modules from building your inner-self into techniques to improve your seduction skills.

Dating Skillset:
Attracting Women
Dating Company:
Zen and The Art of Seduction
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Derek Rake

Learning Format:
eBook•Download (Audio)
Product No Longer Available.
Release Date:
October 02, 2009

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Laid Bare
- How to use this system
- The 16 Sonic Seduction modules
- 7 Myths
- Why women doesn't have a clue about the man she really wants
- The Five Levels of Sonic Seduction

The Magic Element
- The Magic Element you must have
- The CECRC Method
- 'Iron-grip' self control

The Sonic Approach Formula
- 5 Steps to generate connection
- How to use this system in three time-sensitive situations
- How to understand what 'rejection' really is
- The 'Opinion Opener'
- 'The Neutrality Principle'
- The danger of using wrong pickup lines
- The 'Invade Her Space'
- The 'Puppy Love' opener

The Mind Conditioner, Anxiety Buster + Pre-Game Activator
- Brain Entertainment technology
- How to overcome approach anxiety
- Unleash your personal magnetism
- How to break the mental barriers

Sonic Pickup Routines Playbook
- Locations for meeting women
- Dance Floor Pickup
- How to build instant rapport using cellphone
- The combo pickup line
- Conversation trick

Problem Solver Toolbox
- Rejection Killer Formula
- Tease Technique
- The 'Anti-Friend Troubleshooter'
- 7 strategies to stop being treated as 'friend'

Storytelling & Cold Reading
- The 'Trust Talk' technique
- Why women love stories
- Elements of a Bad story
- Elements of a Good story
- 'What do I talk about'
- 'Celebrity Social Proof'
- The important 'Transitiions'
- Why 'Cold Reading' is good weapon in the seducer's arsenal
- Advanced cold reading techniques
- When to stop cold reading
- Essential cold reading exercises

Advanced Body Language Tactics
- How to portray dominant body language
- 'Give and Take' Technique
- How to tease a woman

Advanced Humor Tactics
- Why laughter is the best aphorisiac
- Using humor to develop social proof

Ultimate Guide To Dating
- The ultimate objective of getting on a date
- The fundamentals of planning a date
- Dating Dangers
- 'Heighten Her Senses'
- How to draw her into your world
- 11 Ideal Date Spots
- Golden rule of who pays for the date

Guide To Getting The Kiss
- Misconception about kissing
- Why waiting till the end of the date to kiss is a bad idea
- How to know if she is ready to be kissed
- 'Tease Kiss'

Sonic Physical Escalation Strategies
- Why and how flirting can hurt your seduction
- How to eliminate distractions

Guide To Relationships
- How to strengthen your relationships
- Eight Step Formula
- 'Sanity List'

What You Get:

- Sonic Seduction package
- Bonus: Sonic Seduction Case Study
- Bonus: Free lifetime membership to Sonic Seducers community
- VIP customer support over email

Guarantee / Terms:

- 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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