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Sex God Method 2nd Edition

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Product No Longer Available.

The Sex God Method company has closed down. See courses from top ranked companies including Revolutionary Sex, Orgasm Arts, and 2 Girls Teach Sex.

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"Innovative and Effective Book for Improving Sexual Skills, But Too Expensive"


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Reviewed by
Angel Donovan
Last updated:
The Good: Fresh, and comprehensive content. Completely changes your perspective and mindset when it comes to sex. An excellent book for maximizing your sexual potential. Good value for money.
The Bad: Highly overpriced ($129 for an ebook). More images and diagrams could be used to illustrate the points. Some of the concepts are a little abstract which will make it more challenging for beginners to implement.

Since Sex God Method has changed ownership there have been complaints of no or very limited customer service.

The Bottom Line: A very comprehensive method for maximizing your sexual potential. Highly recommended to guys of any experience level. It's only weakness is that it is in ebook format and not ideal for learning some aspects of sex (e.g. positions).

Unfortunately the price for this ebook has been increased from $37 to $129 recently, which is pretty outrageous - it makes it difficult to recommend it as highly as we did previously.

As a result, we recommend 2 Girls Teach Sex course instead which contains similar 'sex of psychology' content to Sex God Method and also contains live video demonstrations of sex positions.


The word that comes to mind while reading this book is FRESH: this is an extremely well written guide and one of the best “dating advice” products to come out in a long time.

Update: Sex God Method was sold in 2010 by Daniel Rose to his partners. This meant a big change in management and as a result there have been some not so great changes in the value of this product.

First, the price for this ebook was increased from $37 to $129. As a result we have lowered the 'value for money' rating for this product from high to low. $129 is a bit outrageous for an ebook despite the quality of its content.

Second, the customer service has suffered and we've had some complaints of difficulty getting any response or support from them after purchase.

Third, the course content has not been updated since 2010, which is getting on a bit. Most of the content is from the 2008 era.

Psychological Emphasis Over Technique
Compared to the average “sex book”, the content here is highly original because the approach is mostly psychological. This is not a "sex techniques" book, in the sense that it is not about "rubbing your fingers in a circular motion on point A then apply pressure on point B".

In fact, the author emphasizes that “the psychological is more important than the physical”, and that therefore focusing on “how to” techniques is wrong. Instead, the book is about understanding the female perspective of sex (which is NOT what you think it is), and using it to create unique sexual experiences with your partner(s). Psychological impact is emphasized over physical techniques, through the use of dominant frames and sexual scenarios.

Strong and Practical Framework
The core model used is called “DEVI”, for Dominance, Emotion, Variety and Immersion. The simplicity of this model means that all but the least sexually experienced guys will be able to easily understand it and begin to apply it. The author stays away from abstraction and keeps it practical to a great extent.
The Importance of Sex to Attraction and Relationships
The author, Daniel Rose, explains that sex and emotion work together; therefore sex (when done right) is fundamental to developing a very strong relationships where the girl falls deeply in love with you. Sex should be seen as the ultimate attraction and maintenance tool for great relationships. In his words:

"Lots of guys consider the first time you have sex with a woman the end of a seduction; I do not. I consider it the beginning."

This is excellent advice. In my opinion one of the most often overlooked 'root issues' where guys are having trouble keeping their girlfriends or suffering from only 'same night lay syndrome' is a sexual experience than less than distinguishes you from the rest. The chapter on dominance in Sex God Method provides a great explanation of the role of sex in relationships.

For Those with Little Sexual Experience - You May Need Extra Help to Implement
The weaker aspect of this product, is that it doesn't contain enough practical detail to help people who have less experience. Less experienced people find it harder to relate more advanced content to their own lives and experiences, it is harder for them to visualize, and thus implement. In particular, visual diagrams and live video demonstrations would have helped to convey more practical points.

In a later product, Daniel Rose's Sex God Method VIP Program this issue is somewhat resolved with more visual diagrams. In the later product Daniel Rose provides more practical detail in the form of mini-frameworks, and stories to relate exactly what is meant by some of the more abstract aspects of his approach to sexual mastery.

For live demonstrations, the best product currently on the market is 2 Girls Teach Sex.

Original? Or Just Better?
This book came out in 2008, and has been the best and most comprehensive book on sexual skills since that time. It owes some of the original innovations to a former work entitled Revolutionary Sex.

It makes many improvements on the 'communication' of similar advice, making it easier to understand and apply. Nonetheless, there are some points which Revolutionary Sex provides better focus on. The most noteworthy is the issue of 'trust', it's role in sex, and how to develop it.

The Bottom Line
Quite simply, The Sex God method has been the most comprehensive guide to the "Psychology of Sex" for many years now. Mastering the principles in this book not only makes you much better in bed, it also makes you stand out, because the vast majority of guys do not understand this stuff.

This is a "mindset changing" book that will deeply change your perspective of what sex is all about. No matter your sexual level or experience, you are bound to learn a lot of new ideas and original techniques. This book is a clear and simple framework for maximizing your sexual potential.

Now unfortunately the downside. Since the change of management at Sex God Method the price has been increased significantly and the customer service has declined. These two downsides have taken this down from an excellent product to a good rating product.

If these two issues don't bother you - go ahead and buy it. It is still an excellent ebook product from a content standpoint.

If these issues do bother you, there are two alternatives. First, the missing piece that would've made the Sex God Method ideal is adding some more practical support to the course with video footage and demonstrations. The best course with these types of practical demonstrations is 2 Girls Teach Sex. The 2 Girls Teach Sex course also happens to include the same psychological model as Sex God Method, since one of SGM's founders moved to 2 Girls Teach Sex later. So while it doesn't cover it as comprehensively, it does cover it well.

The other alternative is the Revolutionary Sex ebook which was the first ebook to cover the psychology of sex, and is a great product.

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Product Information

An overall approach and framework that guides the user to the priorities one should focus on to create the most pleasurable sexual experiences with female partners.

The Sex God Method was one of the great sex programs of the 2005 to 2010 era. Daniel Rose sold the business, brand and course to his partners in 2010 and unfortunately the company and its courses have suffered ever since. The price was raised from $37 to $127, and the customer service disappeared. No upgrades or changes have been made to the course since 2010 as Daniel Rose no longer has any involvement with it.

The company website now states that the course is run by Dave Vo, however we haven't been able to verify the new owner's identity.

Dating Skillset:
Sexual Skills
Dating Company:
Sex God Method
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Daniel Rose

Learning Format:
Product No Longer Available.
Release Date:
February 04, 2008

Did we miss any relevant features of this course? Tell us what we missed or tell us about price changes.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Act I - Prelude to the Sex God Method
- Introduction
- My story
- The four basic principles of sexuality
- The four archetypes of sexual failure
- An introduction to the sex god method model of sexuality (DEVI)

Act II - The Sex God Method
- Dominance
- Emotion
- Variation
- Immersion

Act III - The Sex God Archives
- The role of physical stimulation
- Specificity of physical stimulation
- The role of foreplay
- Fingering
- Oral sex
- Training your girls to give oral sex
- Troubleshooting: lack of stamina and weak erection
- The moment of penetration
- The continuous flow of stimulation
- Sex positions
- Anal sex
- When she comes
- When you come
- Achieving simultaneous orgasm
- The continuously orgasmic state
- The bedroom mentality
- Spontaneity
- The issue of virginity
- Building open relationships
- Sexual fitness
- Improving your testosterone and sex drive
- Finding the right girl
- Safety considerations
- Bonus Chapter: 10 ways to keep her sexually interested in a relationship

Act Four - The Fantasies
- Introducing fantasies into your sex life
- Dominance fantasies
- The exhibitionist fantasy
- The father/ daughter fantasy
- The forced sex fantasy
- Emotion fantasies
- The virgin fantasy
- The threesome fantasy
- The pregnancy fantasy
- Immersion fantasies
- The one soul fantasy
- The dream fantasy
- The hypnosis fantasy
- Designing custom fantasies
- Final words

What You Get:

eBook 'Sex God Method 2nd Edition'
Bonus DVD 'Last Longer in Bed'
Bonus eBook 'Secrets of Sexual Tension' by Vin Dicarlo
Bonus eBook 'Secrets to Multiple Orgasms for Men'
Bonus 1 month membership access to Sex God Method VIP Membership Program

Guarantee / Terms:

30 day return policy.

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"Very original"

The Good Like the review said, it's very original.
The Bad I was expecting tips on positions, etc. And you don't get that.
One of the best books I ever bought, even though I was disappointed at first. It's called Sex God so I expected tips on positions, etc, and you don't really get that, but in fact the content is better. It's all about psychological strategies and how to get into the girl's mind to give her the most incredible experiences. Never read anything like it before or since.

For positions tips you can always buy another book or get Maxim or whatever. But this book is unique and well worth it!

I have not checked their private forums yet but I will in the future.
Would You Recommend It? Yes
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Rick Reviewed by
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