Path to Dating Mastery

There are QUICK ways and a very LONG ways (or failed ways) to go about improving your dating life.

  • An extremely long or failed way: Most people go an extremely long way, learning by themselves (building their own knowledge from scratch) - instead of leveraging the experience and knowledge of people who have learned to be successful at it already. (As you've seen from the many dating advice products on this website that have good ratings there is a lot of good knowledge you can leverage now)
  • A long way: There are thousands of students in the pick-up and dating community who make vital mistakes in how they approach learning which holds them back. They have the right KNOWLEDGE, but they take the wrong approach to learning and it takes them much longer.
  • The short way: Combining good knowledge and a good learning strategy that is relevant to how you progress and improve in dating skills gets you to dating success the quickest.

How you learn and what your learning strategy is makes a BIG difference in how good you get, how quickly you improve your dating success and where you end up. To help you on your way, we have put together a short Video Course that outlines the Optimized Learning Strategy.

This is a Best Practice route to dating mastery (an optimized learning strategy), based on the experience of us and many of our peers that have mastered this part of our lives, and what we have all observed students achieve. Enjoy!