Orgasmic Addiction

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Orgasmic Addiction

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Gabrielle Moore introduces her Orgasmic Addiction program. It starts with seduction training from a female perspective. Guys learn the ins and outs of sparking female arousal. The purchaser walked through fantasy foreplay, the main event, and then provided extensive training on ‘fantasy role-play’.

At the heart of the Orgasmic Addiction program is the Trigasm Technique. This technique is a combination of three separate erogenous zones on the female body. When stimulated one at a time, they can lead to orgasm. When stimulated together, they can create an orgasmic force in your partner’s body.

The Trigasm Technique consists of:
Trigasm Technique #1 – Stimulate her clitoris
Trigasm Technique #2 – Stimulate her G-Spot
Trigasm Technique #3 – Combination of the first 2 plus her secret X-Spot

Squirting Orgasm Secrets program

Dating Skillset:
Sexual Skills
Dating Company:
Gabrielle Moore Inc
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Dating Coach/ Author:
Gabrielle Moore

Learning Format:
Online Access
Price: $97.00
Release Date:
October 31, 2013
Hot Topic Tags:
Squirting Orgasms

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

The program package includes 3 key elements:

#1 - The demonstration video with 3 female models
- Exactly where to put your fingers
- Exactly how to flick your tongue
- Exactly how to position yourself for maximum sensitivity and pleasure
- 9 basic rules you need to know before hitting the orgasmic switch
- How to modify everyday sex positions

Positions and techniques like:
- The hidden kitten
- The slippery slope
- The one-handed wonder
- The nasty girl

#2 – Audio guidance through immersion strategy

#3 – Orgasmic Addiction handbook
- Filled with photographic pages of all the techniques and methods

What You Get:

Downloadable books, video, and MP3s

Guarantee / Terms:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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