Keni Styles

Keni Styles
Keni Styles
Keni Styles
Keni Styles
Keni Styles
Keni Styles is a long time porn actor who has worked with 2GTS on products related to helping men last longer in bed.

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Personal Data

Commercial Alias Name: Keni Styles

Real Name: Keni Styles

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: May 27, 1981 (Age 32)

Height: 5'9"

Profession(s): Porn StarSex Coach

Affiliated Dating Companies: 2 Girls Teach Sex

Trademark Advice & Quotes

Lasting longer in bed, and fixing premature ejaculation


Personal Life

Keni's mother was a thai bar girl/ sex worker who married a British national and after the marriage ended left Keni, as a kid, in a British orphanage.

Sex Education Career

Keni is one of several British porn stars to collaborate with the 2 Girls Teach Sex team.

Proof of Keni Styles's Skills

    Relevant Qualifications & Awards

    • 2006 "Best Male Newcomer" with the UK Adult Film Awards
    • 2007 "Best Supporting Male Actor" with the UK Adult Film Awards
    • 2008 "Best Porn Artist" with the Erotic Awards
    • 2011 "Male Acting Performance Of The Year" with the XBIZ Award

    Books, Courses and Coaching by Keni Styles

    • 1.  Superman Stamina  (June 06, 2010)
      Authors: Keni Styles  | Company: 2 Girls Teach Sex
      Editor RatingAvg. User Rating
      8.3 (13 reviews)

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