Interview Series Vol. 66 Callback Humor

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Interview Series Vol. 66 Callback Humor

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Instructors Future, Tenmagnet and humor and improv expert Big Business explain the importance, the differences of good and bad callbacks, and the possible pitfalls in using Callback Humor.

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Approaching Women•Attracting Women
Dating Company:
Love Systems
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Big BusinessFutureTenmagnet

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Download (Audio)
Price: $39.97
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July 01, 2011

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- Why would we use a callback?
- What makes a good callback or a bad callback?
- What are some common mistakes guys make with callbacks?
- What's the easiest way for someone to start using callbacks?
- What are some examples of callbacks for beginners?
- What are some examples of more advanced callbacks?
- When does a certain inside joke get old?
- How can you use callback humor in qualification?

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