Interview Series Vol. 21 Advanced Winging

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Interview Series Vol. 21 Advanced Winging

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This exciting new volume gives you our exclusive "wingman" strategies - how you and a friend can work together to meet and attract women when you're out. It's full of specific tactics you can use tonight.

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Approaching Women•Attracting Women
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Love Systems
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Nick Savoy (Nicholas Benedict)The Don

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Download (Audio)
Price: $39.97
Release Date:
October 01, 2007

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- "Reverse winging" which changes all of the traditional wingman rules but gives you a better chance to succeed with especially beautiful women with high social status
- Savoy's "killer line" that is virtually guaranteed to get a woman you've been talking to to go home with you - but only if your wingman says it
- How to recognize situations in which another guy (an "instant wing") would be helpful in your group and when one would just be trouble
- What makes a good wingman, and how and where to find one
- Female wings vs. male wings

What You Get:

An Audio download

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8 week full money back return policy.

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I just got done listening to the Wingman CD and even being very active in the community for a year, I still learned a lot! This was one of the best CD's ya'll have produced in a while. Jeremy's a great guy to use for the questioning BTW since The Don has moved over to the other side of the table. Knowing the right questions to ask is just as important as how to answer them. Jeremy did a great job!

Originally posted on the Attraction Forums. Reproduced with permission.
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