Interview Series Vol. 2 Introduction to Attraction

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Interview Series Vol. 2 Introduction to Attraction

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In this interview, top instructors Savoy and The Don cover the basics of the attraction phase of an interaction and provide key insights into the female psychology of attraction.

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Attracting Women
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Love Systems
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Nick Savoy (Nicholas Benedict)The Don

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Download (Audio)
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April 01, 2007

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- How to successfully build attraction without going overboard.
- The 8 Attraction Switches.
- Key changes you can make in yourself to dramatically increase your attractiveness.
- Some common mistakes that guys make during the attraction phase.
- How body language can help or hurt you in attraction.
- How to avoid falling into the friend zone.
- How to proceed once you've created attraction.

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An Audio Download

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8 week full money back return policy.

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"good stuff"

Savoy and The Don do a great job explaining the logic behind attraction. I specifically like the conversation on state based and intrigue based routines. And ideally finding the median to become the total package, enabling the experience a woman has with you. Really good stuff. Intro to attraction is exaclty that. The guys at lovesystems break down what it takes to maintain attraction and build comfort to land the girl your pursuing. This interview covers how to create positive emotions and of course display high value in case, like me, you were not exactly sure how. The insight on the 8 switches of attraction alone are definitely worth the listen.
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