Interview Series Vol. 13 Warm Approach

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Interview Series Vol. 13 Warm Approach

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This volume discusses meeting women at work, your regular coffee shop, a wedding, yoga class or anywhere else where you meet women you want to date in your daily life.

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Approaching Women
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Love Systems
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Nick Savoy (Nicholas Benedict)Tenmagnet

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Download (Audio)
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February 01, 2007

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

-The critical differences between Warm Approach and Cold Approach
-How to generate attraction without coming off "gamey" and weird
-Techniques for turning that common acquaintance you see all the time at work, class or restaurant into a romantic interest
-Knowing when to make a bold move in Warm Approach situations

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An Audio download

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8 week full money back return policy.

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I took the NYC bootcamp a few weeks ago and I was starting to feel very much in control of sets in bars, but I still was unclear on how to handle warm approach situations, such as those in the workplace. I have not come across any other material on it, and trial and error is a poor way to go about this because error in a warm approach situation has very serious consequences for your social value.

The downside of this type of approach is that you cannot be too gamey and thus many Love Systems routines and techniques may not be applied. This interview series has terrific advice on how to handle these situations and it really makes it seem quite easy, even though there are not any special routines to use for them. Savoy and Tenmagnet touch on pretty much every possible warm approach situation that you may deal with: weddings, yoga classes, work conferences, an everyday work environment, and plenty of others. Whenever a question popped into my head, they answered it in the interview shortly thereafter.

The two best parts about the interview is that they very clearly explain how to handle the logistics and to not be a creep. Since listening to this, I have developed strong attraction with an attractive woman in my workplace and because of this I know exactly how to hook up with her without blowing it and hurting my social value in the office at the same time. For those of you who are agonized about seeing a beautiful woman in recurring situations without knowing what to do, I highly recommend listening to this interview.
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