Free Dating Advice & Resources

The best place to start for newcomers to dating advice is our selection of free dating advice and learning resources.

  • 1. How to Use this Site: Watch a quick video tour of the site to find out everything you can get here. 
  • 2. Understanding Dating Advice: There is so many different types and styles of dating advice out there that it can be a little confusing for newcomers. This is simply resolved. Watch our videos about the different dating skills you can learn and an overview of the different learning and teaching formats you can use.
  • 3. Online Courses: We provide two ongoing learning courses.The main one is Daily Dating Gold, an email course which combines short daily dating tips and a once weekly learning assignment. The best way to get exposure to many dating gurus and their advice is through our Dating Skills Podcast interview series packed with free advice from different gurus every episode.  
  • 4. eBooks: Download two eBooks to kickstart your success by introducing to 'time tested' principles that men who have improved the fastest have used. Start with our Fast Track Dating Report and then check out The Pick Up Lines Handbook