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A membership program that provides the subscribers with monthly issues of audio lessons.

Dating Skillset:
Attracting Women•Social Skills
Dating Company:
60 Years Of Challenge
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Dating Coach/ Author:
Sixty (Chris Andersen)

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Dating Advice Membership Programs
Product No Longer Available.
Release Date:
March 01, 2010

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Secrets of Escalation: “Escalating The Vibe” (Part I)
- How to structure your game in a world where women love attention more than sex
- The best way to screen for and find the women who came out tonight to get laid
- The 3 biggest mistakes guys make when first going over and talking to a woman.
- How to escalate the vibe to create tension and create attraction.
- More on the power of Seductive Listening & why you absolutely need to Risk Creepy
- Face Game: The newest technique for stealth escalation.

Secrets of Escalation: Physical Escalation (Part II)
- The one simple mindset that eliminates all the pressure of opening
- Why the battle to see if you will approach women is won or lost way before you even step foot in the bar.
- The actual social warm-up exercise I use to hit “social god mode” in less than 10 minutes.
- The first person you need to open every night.
- The secret to making girls think they opened you.
- Why your openers never work and never will until you make this one small change
- The trick to handling rude responses.
- Why it doesn’t matter if your social skills are good or bad.
- The exact opener I use anytime, anywhere.
- The one and only thing you need to do to create attraction in women that trumps looks, money and value.
- The one simple mindset that will change the way you think about escalation forever
- Why your fear of creepiness, awkwardness and silence has made you a dancing monkey
- The right way to listen that will have girls attracted and qualifying to you without saying a word.
- Why your obsession with the kiss close has screwed up your chances with women and what I do instead
- How to make it “on” with women in the first five seconds
- Why you have been using kino all wrong and nobody but me even bothered to tell you
- What to do if she mentions her boyfriend.
- The one small thing you are doing after girls are attracted to you that is keeping you from getting laid.
- The only one way to respond to her tests.
- The difference between social, seductive and sexual game.
- Why all your teases, stories, and witty comebacks is the reason you are not getting laid
- What challenges you should keep using and which ones are blowing your chances.
- Why resistance is a good thing and an opportunity to build more attraction.
- The right way to be persistent without looking needy.
- How to guarantee that number you got gets a response.
- The only way to ask for her number or a meet.
- How to guarantee you will never be put in the friend zone.
- Forget “getting over” your 1itis.

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Audio Series from 60 Years of Challenge

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